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Please Don't  Eat Me (Hannibal Lecter x Reader) by whalewrights
Please Don't Eat Me (Hannibal Lec...by Ur dad
When (y/n) is introduced to Dr. Hannibal Lecter. She unravels an emotional side to Hannibal no one has seen before. He grows very close to her. Some might even say obse...
Wendigo (Hannibal x Reader) COMPLETED  by AnnieTheAlpha
Wendigo (Hannibal x Reader) COMPLE...by AnnieTheAlpha
⚠️COMPLETED⚠️ (Y/N) was a sweet little girl. Until she lost her family twice, and became the monster we know today. When her mother and brother were killed by a fire her...
The Russian Nurse by closet_otaku2234
The Russian Nurseby closet_otaku2234
(Various Slashers x Russian Oc) Alice has always had a rough life. Her mom and dad died in a car crash when she was young so she had to live with her abusive grandma. S...
Yandere Hannibal X Reader  by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Yandere Hannibal X Reader by EPICNESSQUEEN+Co Author (The...
New co author story. on Quotev. Check her out and show her some love! She has the idea originally. https://www.quotev.com/nightdere William Graham and Y/n L/N both were...
Bon Appetit! Yandere Hannibal x Reader x Yandere Will by xXYandereWriterXx
Bon Appetit! Yandere Hannibal x Re...by Yandere writer
Y/n Brock is the daughter of Eddie brock and she is currently the host of Venom. What happens when Hannibal and Will fall for Y/n?
hannibal lector x reader  by sips___tea
hannibal lector x reader by Slope's wife
(y/n), the step sister of Will Graham fascinates Lector. You have an active imagination like your brother, but instead of using your powers for crime solving you instead...
Hannigram One-Shots by Sylvie_Magicoo
Hannigram One-Shotsby Srijna Ghale
A collection of oneshots about our favorite duo who love each other more than they can express.
a b a n d o n e d - Slashers x reader by marshmalomark
a b a n d o n e d - Slashers x rea...by Lavender
A lonely girl befriends a bunch of killers. But what happens when they want more? ⚠️TW⚠️: there will definitely be gore, cussing, and maybe other things but I will give...
Falling into Hannibal (Yandere Will X Reader X Yandere Hannibal) by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Falling into Hannibal (Yandere Wil...by EPICNESSQUEEN+Co Author (The...
(Name) is a fannibal for Hannibal. Her sister steals her copy of the Hannibal series. She goes to a rental store and rents the series of Hannibal. When she brings it hom...
Ophelia Lecter.  |   Hannibal by TheCatsInTheShed
Ophelia Lecter. | Hannibalby Hjonk Hjonk Am Goose
Hannibal had a daughter. Emphasis on had. She went missing when she was just 12 years old. When a 17 year old shows up in the woods, close to death, she reminds him of h...
Glimmer Of Love  by anabellethecreator
Glimmer Of Love by 𝙰𝙽𝙰 𓃟
Hannibal Lecter is a serial killer. Most people have heard of him. One day, Ana Taff of the FBI Training Academy is sent to meet with him to get some classified informa...
Daddy or cannibal love ( a Hannibal fan fiction) by snakeblood5230
Daddy or cannibal love ( a Hanniba...by snakeblood5230
Rose has a weird life. First she never met her father . Will Graham , second when she mets her father he's a crazy dog person , and third her dad therapist , Hannibal...
Slashers x dead! ghost! reader by Maibugg12
Slashers x dead! ghost! readerby Mai Kramp
You were a ghost in a mansion, you were part of the scarlet family that were very rich but you died because your father murdered you in cold blood, killing the rest of h...
élodie. <3 by elodielecter
élodie. <3by élodie♥️
After kidnapping sixteen-year-old Ellie Archibald, Dr. Hannibal Lecter brainwashes her into thinking that her name is Élodie Lecter and that they're in some sort of fuck...
In his hands (Hannibal x Reader) by Elinor-writes
In his hands (Hannibal x Reader)by Elinor
(Y/n) has been going to Hannibal Lecter for a few years for psychological help. Through the years her anxiety has stopped her from doing many things she would want to, l...
wet noses and puppy kisses by ssaseaprince
wet noses and puppy kissesby Sea
After the fall, Will and Hannibal are finally able to settle down and enjoy their domestic bliss in Greece. When Will comes home with a puppy one day, demanding that the...
Meeting Horror Movie Killers by AnonymousFan03
Meeting Horror Movie Killersby Someone
What would happen if you met horror movie killers. Disclaimer that is very obvious: I am not a Hollywood writer or director or a whole damn company, I am not claiming th...
Pretty Pretty Dreams by ShyViolence
Pretty Pretty Dreamsby Lissy Lou
Hannibal x OC x Will (secret Yandere) "I awaken in a forest. Not one I've seen in real life of course, same as usual. There are two men in black leather chairs sitt...
First Confrontation (Part 1) by AmbrosiaRho
First Confrontation (Part 1)by AmbrosiaRho
Part 1 in the The Thirst series. What happens when two predators meets? One partakes in the life's blood and the other consumes the flesh. One created by nature and one...
Deadly Love by DISLAutomatic
Deadly Loveby Cc ❤️
This is a Hannibal the cannibal x reader. I LOVE Dr. Lecter with all my heart! This is going to be with his younger self (Hannibal rising). Ignore any trashy spelling or...