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Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda preferences, imagines,oneshots and GIFS by LeahLP_3245
Chester Bennington and Mike Leah⚡🌙
These 2 are my favorite members so I thought of doing this book about them❤ I'll be taking requests!!! And y'all are more then welcome to send Bennoda requests too!
Quiet (Bennoda) by MusicRose94
Quiet (Bennoda)by MusicRose94
Mike Shinoda is a 15 kid who's been deaf his whole life. He doesn't have very many friends well actually he only has one that's his childhood friend Rob Bourdon. He doe...
I'll always be here|| Bennoda by LeahLP_3245
I'll always be here|| Bennodaby Leah⚡🌙
Y'all know I'm a sucker for Bennoda so get ready to read! Chester Bennington is everything except popular. His dad abuses him at home and sometimes rapes him. There's bu...
ronnie radke; imagines, one shots & more. [TAKING REQUESTS] by dumbdylan
ronnie radke; imagines, one dylan
Just some one shots, imagines, and preferences that I come up with. Fair warning not all of them will be good. Enjoy! Also leave some suggestions please and thank you! ...
In Love By Sunrise by DucksFan1015
In Love By Sunriseby DucksFan1015
A meet and greet changes everything for Mike Shinoda.
Pretenders by lpfan503
Pretendersby lpfan503
Mike Shinoda is making a name for himself. He's not just part of Linkin Park anymore, he's a solo artist. While he's experimenting with the rap scene, Chester Bennington...
Parenting Skills by DucksFan1015
Parenting Skillsby DucksFan1015
When two of the six Linkin Park members are turned into children, how will the other four survive?!?!
Beauty And The Beast (Bennoda) by MusicRose94
Beauty And The Beast (Bennoda)by MusicRose94
Chester Bennington is 17 year old boy who was put into a mental hospital at the age of 8 for having "strange" behaviors, such as he's mute, afraid of everythin...
Until It's Gone (Chester Bennington) by Scarlet_Way1
Until It's Gone (Chester Scarlet_Way1
When Scarlet suddenly sees Chester Bennington standing in her school hallway, she thinks she is going crazy.
Huge List Of Mostly Emo Memes by Grunge_Fopping
Huge List Of Mostly Emo Memesby Grunge_Fopping
Some aren't emo at all, and some are pop punk, metal etc. Lots of Linkin Park and Green Day memes.
Transformers (2007) Rewrite by AnimalX23
Transformers (2007) Rewriteby Ben Wilkins
A rewrite of the first live-action Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay. this rewrite will remove the juvenile humor and moronic explosions and replace it with mor...
《Please, Don't Be Afraid》Brendon Urie x Reader by thatCutesyPie
《Please, Don't Be Afraid》Brendon ahopelessfangirl
(Y/n) is a 17 year old female struggling with severe depression, and she has been ever since she was a young girl. She is bullied on a constant basis at school and abus...
Savior: A Chester Bennington Fanfiction by hybrid_3ry
Savior: A Chester Bennington Jordana
After a terrible car accident that left her in the hospital for months, and an abusive relationship with an unfaithful boyfriend, Evelyn Diaz is "saved" by an...
Blind (bennoda) by MusicRose94
Blind (bennoda)by MusicRose94
Chester loses his sight at the age of six due to a childhood illness. He has nothing to be afraid of through because his best friend Mike is there right by his side. But...
Adopted by the band  (Linkin Park) by Shine-Riser
Adopted by the band (Linkin Park)by Goddamn_itross.exe
From the beginning I've lived here, my whole life. Never knew I would get to have a family just by a contest.
Scream! by Carmenxx_
Scream!by Carmen :)
This is a fanfiction of Chester Bennington and Linkin Park. Hope you guys like it. I didn't own Linkin Park or anyone of the songs, characters, sadly. Copyright by Carm...
Can't Go Without You (Bennoda) by lootybooty_
Can't Go Without You (Bennoda)by cнαzүgαℓαxү
Chester Bennington is everything but popular at his school, he's the exact opposite. He's bullied relentlessly, abused at home, and to make it all worse, he does drugs t...
From Two Different Worlds by MadHatterGal
From Two Different Worldsby Madhattergal
Angie is a normal 23 year old who lives in Los Angeles. She goes to work, college and takes care of her dog. Until one day her life is turned upside down, she gets the...
Random Bennoda Things  by T-rex_Taco
Random Bennoda Things by T-rex_Taco
This won't be all Bennoda but, BUT, it will be mostly centered around Chester and Mike.