She Who Sees Through Darkness

She Who Sees Through Darkness

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Elizabeth Ellor By ElizabethEllor Completed

An ex-spy's quest for redemption leads her into an uneasy partnership with a genetically-engineered dragon.

For decades, an elite group of spies within the CIA has kept the existence of magic secret from the world. Katrina Harris counted herself among their number, until a drunken brawl with a co-worker got her fired. She’d do anything to re-enter the thrilling world of supernatural espionage—even infiltrate a terrorist cell without backup. 

Dr. Phyllis Harper has an Arctic fortress, a dozen magic-wielding soldiers, and a flock of genetically-engineered dragons capable of knocking American warplanes from the sky. All she needs are pilots. A chance encounter lets Katrina talk the doctor into recruiting her. If Katrina escapes Harper’s fortress with intelligence, she can convince her old bosses to take her back. 

But neither magic nor science can prepare Katrina to have a dragon in her mind. A creature cunning enough to ferret out all her secrets . . . and one whose own fierce memories tell Katrina she might be working for the wrong side.

This story contains mature themes, including alcoholism and suicide. Now complete!