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(ROMANCE ORIGINAL STORY) "You are my worst twisted nightmare, laced by the distorted beauty." When love and false comfort blinded the hazy truth. DISCLAIMER...
Drunk and sober || hero fiennes-tiffin  by dee2000111
Drunk and sober || hero ❤️❤️❤️
Alcohol fixes somethings and breaks others ********* " I'm sorry." " some times sorry isn't enough hero ." Updates every Tuesday and Friday Started...
Halfway by jamba_juice_cutie
Halfwayby jamba_juice_cutie
Latoya Bowman has hit rock bottom. To avoid jail time she has to live in a halfway house. Little does she know this is no ordinary halfway house. Janelle Huntley is the...
D.R.U.G.S by xawkwardghostx
D.R.U.G.Sby simpforhENrYdAngErrr
⚠️SMUT WARNING⚠️ Shoyo Hinata is not innocent at all He parties, drinks, does drugs, and has a lot of sex. Top hinata one-shots
CYRUS | 2020 by EthrealPrincess
CYRUS | 2020by EthrealPrincess
After Cyrus's parents pass away after getting into a car crash, the Sykes take him in and treat him as their own. He grows up alongside his childhood bestfriend Rosie in...
F in chat by plslemmesleep
F in chatby Levi
Izuku is fed up with how dumb and strict his class is, and decides to go to America. Cause there he can commit crime and shit, without a care in the world. oc x izuku c...
Dangerous Darkness || L.S ✔ by Louinghaz
Dangerous Darkness || L.S ✔by Bianca
Harry Styles, spoilt son of wealthy CEO Anne, and huge momma's boy, accidentally gets kidnapped when he's in the wrong place at the wrong time. His captors turn out to b...
The Seizures that Overcome my Life by MxMusquez
The Seizures that Overcome my Lifeby Everyone Is Anonymous
#1 in disability!!! Finished but editing to make it not suck :) Hayden is a junior in high school. He is new to this school and is trying to make his way around. He has...
Mixed Emotions (Tordtom) by zyzeestories
Mixed Emotions (Tordtom)by zyzeestories
Years of trust crushed in one day, their friendship became like his torn off sleeve, left scarred deeper than his cut open wound. He starved for more answers than questi...
Almost Too Broken  by brooklynmurphy567
Almost Too Broken by brooklynmurphy567
When Amelia Harrington meets Blaine DeBeers she can't help but feel an undeniable connection. However, she soon realizes that Blaine might be a little more than she barg...
There are 14 Reasons Why Paul Lahote! (Twilight/13 Reasons Why) by Cherrypop455
There are 14 Reasons Why Paul Jennifer_Mmmmmmm
Miley Swan was raised in Forks with her father. She became friends with the jocks like Justin, Zach, Monty and Bryce because she was a cheerleader. She was dating Jeff A...
Relapse {Rosalie Hale} ~On Hiatus~ by Sweetest-Wolf
Relapse {Rosalie Hale} ~On Hiatus~by Samantha Saltzman
"Forks? Are you fucking kidding me? You expect me to live in the middle of nowhere with Uncle Charlie and Isabella? How about I don't fucking think so." Valen...
Broken by takexcarex
Brokenby 💙
This is a story about a depressed lesbian intersex teenage girl named La'Shae McMiller. La'Shae lost her mother & siblings (two sisters) & she blames herself for it. Sh...
Little Things (Night Changes #2) by ChasingMadness24
Little Things (Night Changes #2)by Kyra Blackthorn
"College is supposed to be an escape, not a place to fall right back in to the same damn thing."
who we were| ongoing by GreenConfetti
who we were| ongoingby 𝙅𝘼𝙎
A PREQUEL TO A PLACE WE KNOW » you do not have to read A Place We Know to follow this story . . Conserved country boy meets rich city girl, that's how Gunner Shaw expect...
Temptation by ThePancakesofLoki
Temptationby ThePancakesofLoki
*WARNING* This talks about eating disorders, mental health, child abuse, and drug addiction. If you are triggered by this things it is advised that you should not read t...
The Victim ✓ by do_notdisturb
The Victim ✓by The.Weird.One
Liana Jones. Naive, sweet and innocent. Demetrius Wilson. Cold, deceitful and a liar. Married. °°°°°°°°
Just Curious Infatuation | Dazai Osamu X Male! Reader by GukMate
Just Curious Infatuation | Dazai GukMate
After many nights of hanging out in a bar, Dazai Osamu notices a new face amidst the many. Intrigue, he decides to go deeper and figure out what makes [Y/N] [L/N]. [My...
Chasing Zero by JacksonTerrance
Chasing Zeroby Jackson Terrance
Life is full of positive and negative numbers. Everyone in a negative is striving for a positive number, and those in the positives fight hard to stay up there. Sometime...
The Jersey Shore by jerseyshore01
The Jersey Shoreby It’s ya girl🤪
Maya is the new girl entering the house in Miami with Snooki, ends up seeing her ex boyfriend Ronnie who may currently be with Sammie which may cause things to get spice...