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poems by grungevibes_
poemsby grungevibes_
these are all poems written by me when I'm feeling down
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poetry {{ complete }} by EdenSefano_
poetry {{ complete }}by EdenSefano_
small collection of grunge poetry, written straight from the heart of a teenage girl.
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Dick Rider by aimforthehead
Dick Riderby hi
It was more than a "One Night Stand" ... THIS IS A JOKE
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Lonely Man by alliekwriter
Lonely Manby alliekwriter
alone and sad. he will be nothing more. copywritten to @alliekwriter
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FANTASIZE by proudsgoofys
"Phrases that rhyme That's all I can tell you about They tend to invade my mind So please take that in account" Let me tell you so...
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soul mates//hayes grier by l0lhayes
soul mates//hayes grierby l0lhayes
what if from the time you were born, you had a countdown from the time you met your soulmate located on your wrist?
oceans // poems by mALICEd
oceans // poemsby insanity
rivers divided will once again meet in the ocean, but I've been waiting for our paths to cross, like the moon waits for the sun to set, and you aren't here.
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I'm not like them, But I can pretend. by FrancesFarmer123
I'm not like them, But I can Marley
What if Kurt had someone to help him run away when Courtney sent someone to kill him? What if he wasn't at his home in the early days of April, 1994?
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Meeting Rowen by _angelwingsxx
Meeting Rowenby Becca Smit
"Do you hate me now?" Zola asked quietly, her voice barely an audible whisper compared to the sound of her blood pounding in her ears. "I could never hate...
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Mixed Messages by Death_And_Flowers
Mixed Messagesby Nakeita Smith
Honestly, some of these poems are shit. Mixed Messages is a collection of poetry that has a dark side along with mythical elements. These poems are made to give you ex...
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The Investigation (Aaliyah Haughton Fanfiction) by infinitemoonlight
The Investigation (Aaliyah infinitemoonlight
Years after an incident with seven friends at the infamous Gary house, Aaliyah finds herself in the midst of trouble. All those old memories she tried to put behind her...
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Sneaking Out -A Corey Haim FanFic by futurling
Sneaking Out -A Corey Haim FanFicby j u l i a
est. 1988 Veronica Campbell always did what her parents told her too. Well... Until she meets the boy she happened to like for a very long time, Corey Haim. They get clo...
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The Heights: a modern reimagining of  WUTHERING HEIGHTS by kriskosach
The Heights: a modern Kris Kosach
A contemporary adaptation of Wuthering Heights set in the 1990s, San Francisco.
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Black Shoe Anonymous by tooalmondforyou
Black Shoe Anonymousby tooalmondforyou
"Teenagers are a toxic drink of depression, contemplating suicide, and angst. Jennifer Stone drank every last drop, and waited for it to start. And it did. The peop...
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d-minor by grvngeloser
d-minorby ashlyn
dumb poems for dumb people (:
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Fix me by thingsiknow123
Fix meby Display name
"If you bite my lip or kiss my neck again I swear i will rip your fucking clothes off." He said almost whispering into my ear with a hard and slow tone. God, w...
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Felixentric by killcornflakes
Felixentricby H.C. Myers
After the double whammy of his brother's disappearance and the mysterious inferno that destroyed his home-sweet-home, Felix is pissed to learn the city superhero may hav...
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Take a Sip by Holly-and-Zoe
Take a Sipby .
"Anything to make them feel alive while bringing them closer to death. Sound familiar?" "We're just a bunch of fucked up teens high off each other." ...
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