Really Hoe ?

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I made my way to school. As soon as I walked in I saw Khadi waiting for me ❤️ "Hey Babymomma" She said, "Why hello there beautiful" I said back.. We hugged for a good minute then waited for Brittney & Tamera. 💘 I saw them both walk in smiling and holding hands . "Khadi look" I said in shock.. "BRUH" She screamed 😂😂 We ran over there and hugged them both really tight. A bond nobody can break ❤️We were interrupted by Makayla's Little Group. "The Impecables" They call themselves 😂😂😂 That's hella petty come on now.. Yall 17 and got a group immature 😂😂. "Um.. Excuse us you little thotties, move your trashy asses out the way please" Makayla said all annoying. "Breh.. How we thotties but you been busted loose by 8 of the boys on the football team ? How we all thotties but you practically wearing a bra to school ? (A Calvin Klein bra)" Khadi said with no hesitation. "Now who told you that lie ?" Makayla said turning red. "Nobody Hoe" Tamera said. "Now honey I think your gonna have to shut the hell up and go to your REAL mommy with that attitude" Jada said. Tamera just ran away crying.. And muttering "I'm dead already" underneath her breath. Brittney decked Jada in the mouth and the poor girl started coughing up blood. Brittney started kicking her in her side, her nose, she started pulling her hair you can hear the tracks coming out 💀 Me and Khadi went to pull her away, before any teachers came around. "ALL YOU BITCHES ARE GONNA PAY.. ESPECIALLY YOU" Makayla said pointing at me. "And I'll be waiting" I said running to the bathroom to see Tamera.. We walked into the girls bathroom. Tamera was on the floor with her knees to her chest.. "Stop crying Tammy" I said. "She's right girl stop crying" Khadi said. "Everybody hates me.. I..I have no use to live anymore" Tamera said while pulling out a pocket knife. "WOAH WOAH TAMERA STOP" I screamed . Khadi tightly gripped onto the knife but the force that she had made the knife reflex and slice Tamera in the left part of her chest. "CALL 9-1-1 RIGHT NOW" Brittney said while crying hysterically "MS BROWN" Khadi screamed to get help. I just stayed with Tamera in my arms.... Cradling her like my own baby... Wondering.... Words Actually can make someone die 😓

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