New Life

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Dwayne's P.O.V

Well the doctors had to do an emergency C-section on Malika, she was fully awake & all. It's sad that she couldn't go through the full process, meaning she couldn't push them out.
But other than that, she gave birth to two beautiful babies.

Tyler Malik Brown (Boy)

Tyla Mary-Ann Brown (Girl)

She was holding Tyler, saying how he's gonna grow up to be a mommas boy, and I held Tyla, telling her she's gonna be daddy's little girl.

They both fell asleep & I placed them both into they're incubators.

I thought now would be a good time to tell Malika how I really felt, and how sorry I was.

"Malika ?" I said

"Yes ?" She replied

"Can we talk ? " I asked

"About what" she said

"Us" I said

She chuckled, then gave me the -.- look.

"There is no us, thanks to you" she said smartly

"Look i was under pressure you being pregnant, us being married, & me n aaquil leaving Mike will, it was hard for me & I didn't wanna put any stress into you".

She started to shuffle to the side of the bed & patted it for me to sit down.
I sat next to her and made sure she was comfortable, she took her other hand & caressed my cheek.

"Look, I understand all the stress is on you, but that gives you NO right to go and cheat, and lie to my face. You see this IV in my hand ? It's because of you, I gave birth to your kids. I GAVE you kids, I didn't have to, I could've easily got some kush & kill them. but you know what? I have to grow up , and deal with it. I'm only 18 with 2 kids, and only about 4 months until I graduate. As much as I hate you, I will always love you. If they're is a problem, tell me. Don't be afraid to communicate with me if you wanna hold off the wedding or the engagement then all you need to do is tell me... Got it ?"

"Yes Malika & I'm terribly sorry" I pleaded

"I accept your apology, however, did she really have HIV ?" She asked

"Actually, she had it, but I don't, I got checked after our suppose wedding, & I got a restraint order on her" I explained.

"Oh okay" she said

"Baby do you forgive me?" I asked

"Yes, but you sleeping on the couch" she replied

We were interrupted by our baby girl Tyla crying, I'm guessing she's hungry.

"Be a kind man and get her for me please" she said before flipping out her boobies😏. They've grown.

I picked up my crying princess and carefully have her to Malika. As soon as she latched onto her nipple, she started sucking away.

I doubt it was only me, but I could've heard Malika moan a little bit.

"Lika ... You good ? " I asked trying not to laugh

"Boy stfu" she said.

Where are the parents of Malika you may ask ? Well, they're here, they've been here all night & all day. the kids themselves have been with Hakeem & Reneé. I feel low key bad for them, they have to be around so much new people, it must be so scary for them.
When I looked over, I saw Malika sleeping quietly, and Tyla still sucking her life away.

I waited until she was done & until she fell asleep, I placed her back in her incubator & gave her kiss on the cheek .

I kissed Malika on her lips & shut off the light to get some food.

I was walking through the hallway &couldn't believe my eyes.


"Ugh wtf you want" I said

"Umm... That's no way to talk to your new baby momma" she said smirking.

"What !?! Hell no ... " I said

"Mhm !! Dis pussy was too good you hm couldn't pull out baby" she said laughing.

"First off, I wore a condom, it didn't tear, so don't even try that, it was a quick in & out. Secondly, I flushed MY condom. & I only smashed yo ugly ass once. so continue" I yelled.

"Oh..i-I-i- " she stuttered

"Now dash before I call the police" I screamed at her.

She quickly ran away and I started smiling,

I'm dumb for cheating, but smart for being attentive.

I got myself a ham & cheese sandwich & I got Malika a chicken ceaser salad. I don't know if August & London want anything, so I just got them salad too.

I'm just glad I got my life back, my life with kids. ❤️ GOD is well to me .. & I need to appreciate that 💕

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