A Day To Remember

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Malika's P.O.V

So today is the day I'm going to buy my gown for the wedding ☺️ (MM) & I have to say, Ayesha has some very nice taste, because she's the one who picked it out for me ❤️.

Somehow, I don't know why, my Mom LOVES Ayesha. She says that she gives off the best vibes , and she wishes she was her age & she would steal her away from me ....

She must not know 😂

My thoughts were interrupted by a call from a blocked caller ID, weird, but u picked it up any ways

M = Malika

??? = Unknown Number

M: Hello ?

???: Malika ?

M: Yes ?

???: I'm sorry... For everything I ever did ..

M: Um.. Who is this

???:........... It's Tamera

Ooooohhh shizzzzzzz

M: Oh.. Um.. Thanks.. I guess

Tamera: I heard about you and Jermaine.. I'm sorry

M:Well um... Thank you

Tamera: How's Britt ?

I didn't know how to answer that question because I haven't talked to her in a minute..

M: umm.. She's good

Tamera: Alright... Nice catching up...

M: Tamera wait.....

I thought about it

Tamera: Yes ?

M: Um... Me & Dwayne are getting married.... And the wedding is in about 6 months... Do you mind helping me, Jhené & Ayesha get things done ?

Tamera: Well sure !! Hit my line up if anything.

M: Alright... I miss you

Tamera: Miss you too girl...

I hung up and stared at the ceiling .

I really do miss my squad.... It was always us doing things together without any type of drama what so ever.... But I wish Khadi would have kept her mouth shut. She's the one who been with me through the most.. Anyways ...

I'm in the kitchen making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, & my cute little babies are having "Gerber" type spaghetti and meatballs.

As I was making the last touches on the noodles, I heard Dwayne calling me from upstairs..

I turned on the stove to medium & glanced at the babies, they were watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

"Yeahh" I said as I walked upstairs

"I need help" he said with a sad face

"Aweeeee with what baby ?" I asked

"Where, When, How, are we gonna have this wedding" he said in a quick sentence

"Babe.... We're getting a wedding planner 😭" I said giggling

"Oooooooh THANK YOU GOD cuz I'm NOT doing all this" he said before getting up

"Okay baby lets go eat, noodles should be done by now". I said while jumping on his back

He gave me a piggy back ride all the way down stairs, and then he walked over to the twins & picked up Tyla ..

"Say Dada" he said while making goo goo faces at her .

I got my phone out ready to record, and she was spitting bubbles & saying baby language..

"Say Mama babygirl" I said before hitting record...

We both laughed & then it got quiet


We quickly turned around and gasped....

We ran over to Tyler & started clapping & smiling..


My heart skipped a million beats and I ran over to Tyla & picked her up...

Dwayne took a picture of all of us & posted it on his Instagram..

Mommy's Lil Girl, & Daddy's Little Man.. #BlessedToTheMax 💕

I immediately went & called Momma & she was screaming with joy, I told daddy & he was calling Gramma Sheila & everybody else 😭😭..

This is all one big happy family ❤️❤️

I know it's a short chapter but bear with me 😭 schools about to start & I need some time.

Much Love ❤️

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