B Dont Do It

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Malika's P.O.V

Today makes it 3 months I have 2 babies inside of me 👶🏽👶🏽.Honestly I could never ask for more.
I woke up on a bright Friday morning getting ready for my day at school 😴.

I got out of my bed with Dwayne in a deep slumber, careful not to wake him. I walked to the bathroom & stripped out of my pajamas. The knob for the shower was just redone because Dwayne & I broke it.. Don't ask 😏.

I turned on the shower to warm, & used my orange & lemon body wash to lather off my skin.
In about 30 minutes I was out.
I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked back to my room, still to a sleeping fiancé .
My clothes were set out on my side of the bed

•Tupac|Notorious B.I.G Trust None Shirt

•True religion skinny jeans

•Krinkley Hair

•White & Red Converses

•Lip Studded Earrings

All I had to do was slip into it.
I flat ironed my hair and applied a little bit of make up.
Slowly, I walked over to Dwayne & shook him slightly, admiring his beautiful face as he sleeps.

Me: *Pokes Him* Babe..Babe...

Dwayne: *Sleepy Voice* Hm ?

Me: I gotta go to school now

Dwayne: You can't stayy *Puppy dog face*

Me: Awee baby don't do me like dat

Dwayne: See you later love. *Kisses my forehead*

Me: Bye Honey. *Kisses his cheek & leaves*

I stepped outside to my whip😈, got in, & started the engine.
I said my morning Prayers ❤️, blasted My Way by Fetty Wap 💸.

In at least 10 minutes I reached to school. Walking in to see Reneé running up to me. She's really gained herself some confidence I tell u. She lost hella weight, at least 50 pounds, her folks got better jobs & she got herself some better clothes, I helped her out by picking them out for her. Lets just say she looks like the brown skinned Aaliyah 👼🏽.

Reneé: Ayoo u saw our new teacher for 1st period ??

Me: What happened to Mrs.Rivera !?!

Reneé: Her husband took her back to Mexico to raise his kids.

Me: What !?!? Now that's real shady 😕

Reneé: Mhm !! Anyways, guess who the new Teacher is !!

Me: Idk who ?

Reneé: Girl it's J Cole !!!!

Me: Jermaine Lamarr Cole !?!?!?!?!?

Reneé: Girl YESSSS !!!!!!!!

J Cole was the first rapper I have ever had a crush on. His vibe is just.... Ughhh 😍😍. Wait... I have Dwayne .. Snap out of it Malika, your cuffed..

My thoughts were cut off by Reneé dragging me to the classroom, & lemme tell you., if being nervous could kill, I would already be 6 feet under.
When we walked in, all attention was on us. I looked at him. About 6'4, gamma blues, dreamville hoodie, a lot of hair 😖💀. Imma need help for today !! .

Jermaine: Hello Ladies, I'm your new teacher Mr.Cole, but since I'm the youngin round here yall can call me jermaine.

Reneé: My name is Reneé and this is Malika. Lil girl say hi.

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