Touching, Loving

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After Shakira said she didn't love me.. I was hurt, quiet, and lost. She did have a point 😔. I just met Dwayne like... An hour ago, and we're already tight. But I'm gonna talk to her about it right now, this is getting outta hand 😞.

"Shakira baby please come here" I said as I patted my lap. She came, but she sat in the chair across from me. Where's Dwayne and Anthony you ask ? They both are on the swing set talking about who knows what 😭. "What" Shakira said. "Look I know your mad, but your always gonna be MY babygirl no matter what happens, no matter what boy comes into my life, and no matter if I'm laughing with someone else or not. You and Anthony are my world ❤️, I love you too much to ever let you go, and even though your only 4 years old, you may not understand a word I'm saying, but just know I love you too much to ever let you go, you hear ?" I sad, while tearing up a little bit. "Yes Malli, I love you too and I'm sorry" Shakira said to me. I pulled her into a hug and picked her up, and she wrapped her arms around my neck. This is the blessing I would never EVER want to let go of ☺️❤️. We met up with Dwayne, and Shakira jumped off me, and hugged his tall ass leg 😹. "I'm Sowwy mr dwayne. Plz don't break up with my sister" she said. "Ha ha lil shorty I feel Ya , me n U gonna be coolin okay" he said in his New Orleans accent 😻😻 . I was just blushing real hard cause we're not even together or nun ! As we were walking to his car, my phone ringed, it was Khadi 😈 "Hello" ? I answered "Yeah you un-virgined yourself yet" ? She asked laughing 😦😭. "Shuddup yo" I said back just laughing. "We're planning a trip to Orlando, just the squad, you in ?" She asked. "Hell yeah I'm in" I said. "Imma be over your crib in a lil but anyways so keep tight" she said. "Ight boo" I said. Dwayne heard it all, he was just staring at me like he wanted to ask me something. "Yes" ? I asked him. He turned around and the kids were fast asleep. He cuffed my neck and kissed me, using his tongue, I let him enter. He pulled away. "Since sophomore year, I've been feelin Ya, your different from other girl I've ever seen.. Will you be my girl" he asked with passion in his eyes. " YES I WILL" I screamed not waking up the twins 😅❤️. Wow, I'm officially Mrs. Dwayne Brown ❤️ JESUS really does answer your prayers once you sit down and think about it. ☺️❤️

We reached back home like around 11, the kids were literally knocked out 😭.Luckily, Khadi was driving right behind us. I walked in the house carrying Shakira, Dwayne had Anthony, we both put them to sleep. Dwayne kissed me goodnight, because he was pretty tired as well 😌❤️. Khadi walked in and we got right to work. "So it's me, you, Britt, Tamera, that's gonna be like 400 for the hotel and an extra bed." Khadi said, "Sounds alright to me" I said." The twins coming ?" She asked. "Nah 17+ 😼" I said." Ha ha ight lil mama I see you" she said smirking. "You hungry or nawh" I asked, "Yeah watchu got" she said. "Imma make some curry chicken" I said. "I forgot Ya fam is Jamaican 😹, Lemme slide some" she said. "You know me 😼". I said. I made up the food, we ate, Khadi wanted to sleep over, luckily my bed was huge. We went to my room and I slid into my pj's, Khadi jus slept in her bra and underwear 😹. She kissed me on my cheek and went to sleep. No we're not gay, not bi. We've been that close, that's how it is. ❤️ . I said my goodnight prayer and went off to sleep, thinking about life, and how perfect mine is. 😌❤️.

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