Seriously ?!

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Malika's P.O.V

The wedding... The Wedding ruined his life.... He's dead as He speaks... He made himself into a fool.....


Priest: Malika Summer Alsina. Do you take Dwayne Khalif Brown to be your lawfully wedded husband ?

Me: *Smiles* I do

Priest:Dwayne Khalif Brown, Do you take Malika Summer Alsina as your lawfully wedded wife ?

Dwayne: I do *Smiles*


Mr&Mrs Brown: *Kisses*

?????: *Busts through the door* Haaaaaaa Dwayne Baby who's this chick you kissin up on ???

Malika: B-b-babe !?!

Dwayne: Babe it's not what it looks like !!!

?????: You best believe it's me in the flesh *Smirks*

Malika: Why are you here...Stupid ass broad

????: First off it's Julianna from IHOP trick.... Oh I wanted to tell MY baby Dwayneeee... That I've been tested for HIV... & it's kinda positive ..... so ummm... Yeah.

Malika: WTF !?!?!

Dwayne: Look I never even smashed you.....

Julianna: On March 15, 2015, you came by my crib saying how Malika's too big for you. And we smashed at least 7 times since hoe got pregnant..

Malika: *Holds Back Tears*.. Damn. So it's like that huh ?

Dwayne: Malika I'm very sorry.. she slipped something in my drink...

Malika: You told me you don't even drink alcohol....

Dwayne: I-I-I-I'm sorry baby please...

Malika: *Bursts out crying and runs out the Church*

I was running to the bathroom not caring who was trying to stop me... I made it as far as to my limo.. and I broke down right on the hood..
The love of my life, the one I wanted to spend my life with, the man who I'm having my kids with.... Cheated.
I slid off my ring and threw it in the street, & Cried for about a good 15 minutes. Afterward, I saw Daddy come outside with an umbrella .

August: Come On Babygirl... I don't want you to get a cold..

Me: Daddy he lied to me *Cries in his chest*

August: Babygirl he lied to us all.....But I don't wanna see you cry over a squid lookin ass nicca wid a tree as a damn nose. This is a lesson for us all mama... to be careful of those we care for... Lets go back inside ... Jhené wants to see you...

Me: *Sighs* K Daddy

We both walked back inside to see Aaquil beating the living shit outta Dwayne.... he was bleeding and all.. Nobody stopped to help him or anything.

Me: Quil Chill....

He looked at me with a confused facial expression

Aaquil: Wym chill !?! Main this fool make me sick... I jus wanna kill him.

Dwayne: *Coughing up blood*

Me: Hold Him Up

Aaquil pulled him up and smashed him against the wall....

Me:*Looks him in the face* ...... Really ?

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