9 Hours Later

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Malika's P.O.V

Well... This is it.. This is the day I officially become Mrs. Malika Brown.

I'm nervous than ever...my stomach is in my throat, I don't know how Dwayne looks, and for some reason, Daddy's acting funny... But it's life I guess 😩.

I was already at the chapel , & I saw Christina in the parking lot..

Christina: Que Lindo 😍😍😍 You look so beautiful!!!!

Me: Thank you my love 😛

I had my hair curled up to the side with a silver tiara , and I had my eyebrows threaded, my cheeks contoured , and my lashes were naturally long.

Momma was sitting on the couch of the room I was in, and was scrolling on her phone , looking ready to fight.

Me: Momma you okay ?

Momma: Yes Baby I'm fine

I knew she was lying, but I'll talk to her about it tomorrow... My dress was laid out on my bed & I was ready to step in it .

Jhené, Reneé, Miley, Karrueche, Nashé, Amber, Ayesha,Chyna, Momma, Britt, & Tamera were all looking dashing 😍😍😍. They all wore a white gown & they just looked amazing.

I got into my dress & looked myself into the mirror. My stomach looked a bit bigger than 2 weeks ago, I started to worry, but just thought that I had a big meal.

My dress was all the way down to the ground, and I looked A M A Z I N GGGGG

I was knocked outta my thoughts when I heard a tap on the door.

???: Baby you ready ???

Me: Baby u can't see me yet !!!!!

Dwayne: I know.... I just wanted to hear your voice....

I felt him lean against the door..... And I did the same, so I'm assuming we were back to back .

Me: Babe I'm nervous

Dwayne: Me too.. We're actually doing this..

Me: I'm can't wait to see you...

Dwayne: I wanna see you too baby,,. They're calling for us....

Me: It's Time...

I looked at Christina & Momma, and they both shakes they're heads ....

I could hear Aaquil walking Dwayne to the Boardwalk (Remember they're getting married at the beach), and momma was tugging my arm to go ...

I looked at all the girls & Smiled, and the smiled right back at me

Nashé: Good luck Mrs.Brown

I nervously stepped out of the room, and walked towards the entrance of the Church..

I saw all of my relatives, Especially Kay & the rest my beautiful little cousins ❤️

I saw Daddy, and he looked at me with tears in his eyes.

August: Well Baybeh... This Is It...

Me: Yeah... I know... *Looks Down*

August : Hey Ridah bring it in

I went in and hugged my father with all the energy I had, because not only was this a big transition into the real world, my life now officially belongs to 3 people, My Kids, and in about another 10 minutes, My Husband ...

Daddy pulled away and looked into my eyes with tears.

August: Baby.. Just know I love you, and don't make any mistakes, make progress, and stick to your word .. *Glances at London then back at you*

I then kissed the side of his head that said SELF, and the other one that said MADE.

Christina looked at us smiling ... And that's when the traditional wedding song on the piano came on...

I locked my arms with Daddy, Gave my Mom one last look, And thought to myself ...

Here We Go.....

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