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Now I See You

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Malika's P.O.V

I can't believe I'm saying this.... but I can't stop thinking about Dwayne.. Hey, don't blame me. The guy who took my virginity , blessed me with 2 kids, and tried to marry me, has left a big hole in my heart.
I know this may seem shady, but Jermaine has been acting funny. Meaning he looks at me with evil lust, not the type of lust for pleasure, the type of lust for heartbreaks. He hasn't said not one word to me all day, and now it's not looking to pretty.

P.O.V over .

Malika was just being herself, walking around her own home. Jhené & Aaquil are out on vacation, and the rest of the family is at their own home.
Jermaine was sitting down, on the couch, with his hands folded with a pleased expression across his face .
J (Jermaine) saw Malika walking down the stairs, with her about ready to pop stomach poking out. He looked over to her, and patted his knee, meaning he wanted Malika to sit on his lap.
She carefully walked over and sat down. J started kissing large wet marks all over her neck. But Malika wasn't feeling the sexual vibes right now. "Babe not now.." she said . He stopped and looked into her eyes. She was startled.
His eyes were no longer a light shade of brown, she's were the blackest black ever. She started to get up to go to her parents home, but J pulled her vigorously back onto his erection.
"Jermaine let me go" she said again, raising her voice along with it. He didn't stop. He began to undo her bra, but poor Malika tried to push him away, he was too strong for her.
"Make a sound, and I'll kill you" He said with a husky voice. Of course Malika got scared,petrified, frightened. She started to shed tears.


J back handed her across the face.

"Suck up those damn tears and take off your clothes. Slut." he screamed.
She quickly started to strip, Not wanting to upset him any more.
J didn't waste any time and rammed himself into her, giving her a piercing penetration. She screamed and screamed & screamed, but he continued to thrust inside of her now bleeding vagina.
"STOP THE BABIES" she again screamed out. J didn't care. J continued to pulse himself inside of her, groaning & moaning.
Not knowing, Dwayne had crept into the house using his spare key with a bouquet of flowers, he heard all the commotion and decided to run upstairs.
When he reached to the main bedroom, he quickly pulled out his AK47 and aimed it at J, ready to shoot.

"Put her down" he said bluntly

"Aye aye man ion want no trouble imma dip" J said quickly pulling up his pants.

J scurried out the door and left Malika quietly looking at the ceiling with a black expression, butt naked.
Within 20 seconds, tears poured out her eyes and she started breathing hard Dwayne slowly walked over to her and wrapped the sheets around her badly bruised body, rested her head on his stomach, & kissed her forehead. Cooing her & telling her don't cry, everything is gonna be okay, and to keep calm.
Paramedics & police came in a matter of 5 minutes. Rushing away Malima, and aiding Dwayne, trying to find J.

Dwayne was now at the hospital waiting on the update on Malika's condition. An African American doctor came into the waiting room and started talking.

"She is now sleeping, surprisingly both of the babies are okay, the blood that was coming out of her was her uterus, which was ruptured due to severe penetration. We need to keep her overnight for minor tests".

Dwayne started Praying, thanking GOD that his ex-fiancé pulled through. Her father & Mother bursted through the doors and rushed straight to the room of their hurt daughter. not even looking towards him.

In a good 30 minutes, August came out looking ready to kill Dwayne. London rushed behind but didn't hold him back.

"All of this is your fault, if you learned how to keep yo tool in yo pants, none of this would happen. YOUR gonna pay this hospital bill. YOUR gonna stay with her until she's herself again, and YOUR gonna give her the love she deserves. She's a fragile flower, and now she's broken. She's not only been hurt by 1, but 2 fvckboys that unfortunately have no meaning to life but spitting verses. Treat her right, of its your ass. You lucky the kids like you."

With that being that, the parents left and also left Dwayne hurt.

"Treat her right" he kept replaying in his head .

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