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Track list (in order):

You got me- Colbie Caillat

Wicked games-Chris Isaac

Up-Demi Levato and Olly Murs

Soon we'll be found- Sia

I'm not the only one-Sam Smith

The scientist- Coldplay

Latch-Disclosure feat Sam Smith

Talking to the moon-Bruno Mars

Cecilia's P.O.V:

"A lavender crown? Seriously?"

"Yes Cici." So certain that what he just said was not ridiculous.

I smiled at his childish antic that has been his constant antic for the past week.

That day I found out the old lady had died I broke down. I felt loss all over again. I was drowning, and he dragged me to the surface. He found me that day, crying, gasping for air. I only needed that lady, the only thing on my list. Then Vincent...even his name now makes things brighter, better. I never did connect the dots, or had the slightest idea that Vincent might be their grandchild.

We spent every day in that lavender field. I laughed again. His absurd sense of humor, his remarkable knowledge with books, his passion, his drive, his affection, his empathy....

We were there, a normal sunny day, in that field. That beautiful field...

We were lying there, beneath a blue sky, among the color lavender...

"Still reading that book?" I asked.

"It is interesting...never got your interest in it, now I do." He answered as casually as he was lying on the ground with the book raised above his head.

I snatched the book from his, "even when we're here, in a field isolated from the rest, no one in site", as I said that I drew myself closer and closer, "and did I mention alone?" my head inches apart from his.

"Oh well now that you mention alone..."

He tossed the book aside and actually 'focused'.

Jillian's P.O.V:

After two days in England, we were back home, and one down four to go.

I was carrying unloading my bags from the car, when I heard a car pull up behind me. I turned to see who it was and I blinked twice. I dropped the bags.

"What are you doing here?" trying my best not to seem shocked and ecstatic to see him.

"You are cruel you know? Extremely cruel." He answered.

"Gee thanks. Now I have jet lag and a sweet insult as a welcome home present." I said sarcastically. My inner self slapped my conscious self and urged her to hug the life out of him. Smother him with the many kisses I fantasized about. "If you will excuse me, I have to get these bags inside."

As I was walking towards my house, second guessing walking away.

"Jillian, wait." His voice pleading.

"What for Zen?" I turned around, "What do you want?"

"That's funny Jij, I always knew what I wanted, and you just had to screw it up."

"Me? Me? I said I was sorry! What else do you want!? Blood?!"

"I am really trying to hate you, I am. I try to remember that you threw four years away just to travel. I could've gone with you. I cou..."

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