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Cecilia's P.O.V:

"Kalon seriously just stop", I kept struggling and shoving, "I said NO!", then finally I managed to leap from under him, kicking him back in the process. How conceded and arrogant he was!

One summer my parents coaxed me to spend it with my archaic uncle and aunt. Greek and German. Awesome combination in fact, the strictest and regressive breeds.

At first I assumed since it was Greece that I would get a decent tan and enjoy the commodities of the Greek culture. Yet I spent the whole time knitting with my aunt or going to the common square with my cousins. The hustle and bustle of the town, the hotshots, the wannabes portraying the modern pop culture, the so called socialites of that little town, all meet in that confided square, the Greek watering pool.

We always seem to sit on the same table right next to the café that serves the occupants of the square. People of all ages sit around doing various activities; the seniors playing some table game such as checkers or whatever, the juniors prancing around running after each other, the teenagers sitting in a corner smoking secretly away from the eye sight of their parents, and the adults with crying wailing children on their arms discussing recipes and ways remedy diarrhea or a consistent fever. That setting never appealed to me. It was a mirror image of the setting back home, the only difference is language.

One evening we were all having dinner and drinks (European age for drinking is 18 and you can drink anyways as long as you look the part), while we were enjoying our evening so splendidly, there he was; arrogant condescending Adonis in swim shorts and t-shirt. I drank him in like the cold sweaty beer I was drinking, and he was just as gratifying. Look-wise. Then he spoke and ruined all expectations.

"I think you want to have dinner with me, or a drink, whichever." He said in the most presumptuous way he could conjure.

I stared at him in shock, not because of his obvious good looks, but by his pompous attitude. Ask a girl politely will you!

"I just ate thank you, and also I am having my drinks with my cousins. Note to yourself; be more courteous next time you ask for a girl's company." I said with extreme haughtiness and continued, "And will you please move along to your next prey, I bet this place is filled with 'damsels in distress', have your pick Romeo." I said with certitude and turned to face my giggling kin who were quite entertained by the utter rejection of their local Casanova.

I could feel him smirk behind me. A challenge hazah! Someone deemed to challenge sir I-snob-allot.

"Well, well Athena didn't know you had such remarkable creatures as cousins." he grabbed a chair and placed it right next to mine disrupting the comfortable atmosphere I was enjoying with my cousins, "sassy and confident, such qualities matching fiery auburn hair. I am intrigued." He announced as he put his palm under his chin and elbow on raised knee.

"Well good for you buddy. Get intrigued somewhere else will you? Seriously you are such an annoying thing, aren't you? Pre tell, are you as 'sticky' to other victims of your conquest?"

"Oh no! Just the spiteful pretty ones who have their comebacks at the tip of their tongue." And he gave the most aggravating grin, challenging me.

"So there is a category for me on that fabulous list of yours." I said with extreme sarcasm.

"Oh miss..." gesturing to me in order to receive my name, so I replied "Nora", "Ah yes Nora, such a beautiful name by the way even if it is made up", damn it he caught me, "Cecilia, there are a lot of positions you are more than welcome to fill." Giving the most wicked smile a girl can behold insinuating extreme naughtiness, exposing pearl white teeth in the process, and melting my defenses gradually.

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