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Guys so sorry I didn't update sooner...hope you enjoy this chapter. Cici's P.O.V. the guy in the picture is Vincent!

Track list:

1- Yours-Ella Henderson

2- Heart's content- Brandi Carlile

"Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic"
-Frida Kahlo

Cecilia's P.O.V:

I remember the mornings. The mornings after the divorce. They say to get over that large gap in one's newly departed bed, it is advised to sleep in the middle. Well, that didn't settle well with my subconscious. I would find myself on my side of the bed leaving the other side cold and abandoned. Cup of coffee in hand as my breakfast, I would stare at the other side of the kitchen table, completely alone. Things change, people get shuffled, and you're dealt with a new set. At first I missed my mornings with Alex, his hugs; arms embracing me reassuringly, the pillow talks with lingering morning breath. Comfort, warmth, and love.

I thought that Alex was the climax of my life; nothing better after, just the end. I never thought that I might have an emotional connection with anyone else. Then by some divine chance, I was given a second chance. Something that redeems my sham of a life. I came to France searching for the person that gave me the most solace and tranquility, and found out she left this world. A part of her stayed; Vincent. His compassion and empathy reminded me so much of her. Men don't usually sit around and talk, it is a rarity. Yet we read together, go to town together, and have long walks together talking about almost everything. The attraction, even when Alex and I were at our best, it couldn't stand close to whatever I have with Vincent. His scent shuts my whole system, his kisses send me to universes. The sweet nothings I wanted whispered into my ear, are now an unceasing custom. He makes me feel so special, like I will break if I trip, like I was some light he never expected he would see again. Dormant feelings I thought faded into nothing, are revived but different. With him, I never needed to act polite and conceal my thoughts out of decorum; like I did with Alex. With him I didn't have to dress up; he would complement me in shorts and a pair of converse with tousled hair. It feels as if I have known him forever, as if he was there all along, as if we were together in a previous life. I never believed in destiny, but this one person, this being, has restored my faith.

The morning sun engulfed my room, warming the atmosphere. The soft cotton that draped my bed soft to the touch, making me linger in its embrace. I heard the creak from the door announcing someone's entrance. Firm assertive but purposively lightened footsteps approaching my bed. I kept my eyes shut and stayed where I was.

"Cecilia, darling Cecilia..." he crept closer and closer, "Oh Cici it's time to wake up mon chèri." The bed dipped at the midsection of the bed. My shoulders exposed to his tyranny, soft feather-like kisses, from the forearm of my arm which laid above my head, to my shoulders. With that arm, I rounded his neck and dipped him into the covers with me.


"We should get out of the bed Cici, this is counter-productive."

"Why when we are so comfortable right here?" I said, while embracing him.

"Darling it is a day wasted. I already agreed to that...intermission, but no longer! We are getting up...out of the bed." He gave me a cracked smile.

"Subtle dear"

"Of course, the French are subtle people. Haven't you heard it before?"

"I have heard a lot of things about French people, you have proven most of them, but I didn't hear 'subtle'."

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