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Jillian's P.O.V:

I was in a field. A vast open field with green grass as far as the eye can see. There was no one. I felt alone, I felt afraid. I started walking about this land and not a soul. Not a tree. Not a creature. I yelled if there was anyone there, no answer. I saw a door. Not the doors again! Heck what do I have to lose? I walked towards it sluggish and unwilling. I expected a memory, another one to remind me I am a complete idiot, like I needed more hints. Note the sarcasm.

As I was walking, a cat with a black coat scurried ahead of me, aiming for the door, wait huh? I had the sudden urge to run! I ran and ran until I am breathless and near the door, the cat a worthy contender. If only this dream-sprint actually helped me stay in realistic-shape.

It scratched me and I yelped! Note that I am against any animal cruelty, but damn this feline testing my patience!

"Fine you nasty cat!" I didn't kick it, I just shoved it, slightly (I kicked it). I used that deviation to my advantage.


And I ran, I reached the door, not hesitant, not afraid, so sure. I didn't even bother to examine it before entering.

That cat might be close by.

"Please not another memory." I pleaded with my subconscious.

I entered through the door, into my previous room in Santorini. What the...?

I walked cautiously into that white room I spent two months in. this isn't going to be pretty.


Darling who? 'Me' darling?

I looked around. Why is that voice familiar?

"Darling where are those damn sunglasses? I looked everywhere, can you check your bag?"

And it was him.

I hoped and prayed for it to be real. Oh how I hoped!

"Darling what's wrong? You look as if you've seen a ghost."

His warm eyes and tender tone. I sobbed. Is this real? Had fate cut me some slack and given him back to me?

"What?" I said choking on that one word.

"Oh darling! What's wrong? Babe why are you crying?"

"You're here...with me...I can't believe this. Zen I hope this isn't a dream, I hope that if I open my eyes you would still be here. I never dreamed of you yet here you are! Oh darling, how sorry am I! Such a fool!" I threw myself at him, my subconscious still remembering how he smelled, the tenderness in his touch, the familiarity of him close.

"Never dreamed of me? Ha-ha darling are you sure? I feel slightly insulted babe. Who else have you been dreaming of missy?"

I laughed through my tears, how I missed his humor, his ardor. After the last time I saw him, I never thought I would ever see him this way.

"Of course I dream of you. All the time, and they are always my favorite dreams. I never thought you would actually be my dream. That ultimate dream. I was so wrong to leave you, to desert you when I did."

And I hugged him, and I clung to him like a child seeking affection, like snow to a plane. I clung to him as if I needed him to breathe, to live. My fingers through his hair, palpating that this is real.

"Darling you are shaking! What's wrong? What happened? I was just looking for my sunglasses. You were packing the bags for the girls... and now this. What's wrong?"

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