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Jillian's P.O.V:

The sun, that same blinding sun I have showered in for a month now. Can't complain really, it has done wonders to my skin. The slight tan color gave it a certain glow. The same day a month ago I sprained my ankle, thanks to a very impulsive cocky Greek who has been, ever since, my guide. Cecilia didn't exactly have the look of approval painted all over her face, and seemed very hostile towards Kalon, I can't fathom why though. His father knows her and the whole family seemed to know her that night we had dinner at their house. I inquired of course asked her repeatedly why she disliked this man, she never gave a straight answer, how Cecilia of her!

I limited my outings with him at first, but he knew so much! I came here, to this island, to explore. That was the whole point of my travels; to do the things I never did. Meet new people, eat exotic cuisine, and see the wonders outside my circumference. Cecilia always excused herself from our excursions, and stayed home. We were rarely together. And that alone made me anxious. Why did she refuse such culture? Is it him? Or is it that she is well accustomed to Greece that she has taken this beautiful country for granted?

"A drink maybe?" I heard Kalon call from the boat.

I can only feel the delicious combination of heat and cool. The sun's heat reflecting and accommodating the water's coolness. I was floating, and this sense of ease has made me thankful. I sighed in content. Involuntary, I felt...a bit happy. A handsome escort with knowledge, fine taste in wine and food, and keen sense of humor, has never left my company ever since I came here. I am in one of the most beautiful, tourist-attracting, exotic, culture-filled, countries in the world. Missing. Something was missing. And I frowned at that. That daze of contentment was brushed away by ambiguous loss. I remembered the movie. Going to watch that movie. Then all of a sudden, Zen.

I was fair to him, I convince myself daily, and I did right by him. I ignored his calls and didn't reply to his emails. Cecilia insists that I keep whatever I have with him intact, that I will regret my current decisions because of further consequences. I discarded that. I know what I did, and backing out or rectifying whatever anyone else thinks is a loss, will further discourage me. I know what I want, I know where I am heading, and that's that. A person is entitled to some say in how to run their own life, sure divine forces intervene all the time, who am I to stop them!? Yet, I still have a say, and that say led me here. It will lead me some place else tomorrow, meet another guide, see other people, I just have to accept the natural flow of things. I will no longer plan, I will no longer pine for things I will discover later on I never needed. I will accept what is to come, and what to let go of. I am done planning.

I swam my way toward the boat. It was antique with a modern twist to it. Not too lavish and not too shabby, the exquisite combination of both suiting the background that is the port. Kalon was waiting with a towel at the deck. He was handsome, in an obvious manner. I still couldn't ponder why Cecilia hated him so, if Cecilia actually could hate given our current state. The medicine has been working fine, these excursions have had their effect, and the company. I shouldn't be so swindled. I have to stay composed and clear. I don't intend on starting something I know I can't finish.

"The water was...magical" I gave a semi-enthusiastic comment.

"Greece is glad you approve" he said with a smirk. Whenever he says something he thinks is witty, he would smirk, challenging me for a sarcastic remark. He slipped the towel over my shoulders, running his fingers along my forearm. I am no fool. It is a pass, like the many before; hand on knee, arm on shoulders, gentle brushes while handing me something. I wasn't completely oblivious. It didn't matter really, I wanted the company, and its only two months. I shrugged his slow pass and interrupted his chain of thought.

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