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brOKen by nicolaleech
brOKenby Nicola Leech
Books with little poems, something to make you think and feel. hope you enjoy and get something out of it.
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Remember Normandy by Diana0304
Remember Normandyby Dina Karolina
"If the sélectionné dies, it all dies." Drienne Degarmo never knew those words made her a part of something, something that she could never even dream of. Aft...
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Craving You by shades-of-pale
Craving Youby shades-of-pale
Aria thought she had everything figured out, her life, her boyfriend, her friend, but that was far from the truth. Her only way of finding herself is to let go of her p...
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ஜSerenade of the Swanஜ (A Diabolik Lovers fanfic) by VampireSiren
ஜSerenade of the Swanஜ (A Diabolik...by DiabolikGurl
Yui Komori and her cousin, Ayame - a girl who likes fashion and stuffed animals, along with an obsession towards mythology/fiction surrounding supernatural creatures - f...
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Lantern To My Thoughts  by MJenewari
Lantern To My Thoughts by Miebaka
*12th in thought of suicide Formally known as "Poems From the heart" "Do not stand by my grave and weep, Do not pretend as if you care, While I was wit...
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Pinch Me I'm Dreaming by Panoramicmuse
Pinch Me I'm Dreamingby LilMuse
Trip through how interactive dreams can be.
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What we've become by keyanabeckles
What we've becomeby Keyana Beckles
Have you ever felt as though a piece of tape was holding the words in from expression how you truly feel? Welcome to the life of Dessie Collins, where hiding everything...
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My Mafia Don by AllyRobinson1
My Mafia Donby Ally Robinson
"Hello Mr Zetello" she said, "Miss Mayamo I just wanted to reassure you that I am in fact your boss and what you did a while ago would have gotten you fir...
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My Wattpad Adventure by Chiadika_me
My Wattpad Adventureby /βεηιτα ξ
The Title Says It All. I don't know why you'd want to copy this, so I have nothing else to say. Enjoy!
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Pieces of us by MohitoG
Pieces of usby MohitoG
Every single one of us know the power of love. If not - you will, eventually. Do you remember every detail? Every glance? Every breath you took? Every touch? Every ki...
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Love VS Fame (A RocRoyal Love Story) (REVISED) by UniqueBosses
Love VS Fame (A RocRoyal Love Stor...by Sunshine
"Soooooo how am I suppose to choose? It's like a million videos here" "Well watch this one, it might cut down on time" "*starts to watch video*...
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r a w by thegirlwhocant_
r a wby J E L L Y
raw | rô | adjective (of an emotion) strong and undisguised
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Poems by the_creative_dragon
Poemsby Random Teen
Just a random poetry book.
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The last photo by brittneya123
The last photoby brittneya123
I am Star and this is my first job . Now I can make some money to get me a place to stay at . When I was watching the kids something I never dreamed of happens to me ! A...
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Broken (boyXboy) by ThatKinkyChick
Broken (boyXboy)by Ash
⚠Contains: Language, violence, abuse, some rape and mature content⚠ Taylor Winters, a 15 year old troubled teenager is what he likes to call broken. He doesn't know his...
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Bad boy image by Mayniac_xxx
Bad boy imageby Mayniac_xxx
If you like the thought of Conor being a bad boy them this is the fanfic for you, give it a read and let me know what you think, I'd really appreciate any feedback you w...
First Crush by JessicaIsAlive
First Crushby JessicaIsAlive
Hi! My name is Brittany! I am in the 8th grade and I have My first crush... That would be fine with me but you see, My life can be a complete mess... My first crush very...
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Bloody-Hazy-Night by luna3196
Bloody-Hazy-Nightby ҜIΨΩMI LUΠΔ
Bad things tend to happen to good people. Luna was kidnapped and tortured, being forced to reveal her family's greatest secret. A secret that effects not only her, but...
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poetry - From The Heart. by SamanthaSamuels5
poetry - From The Heart.by Samantha Samuels
my book of poetry expressing my deepest thoughts and i cant express out loud
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Glass Hearts by midnightsun1114
Glass Heartsby midnightsun1114
Suffering from years of mental and emotional abuse, love becomes a painful memory for Samantha Campbell. Burying herself in her work at the wealthiest publishing compan...
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