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"It's our instinct to chase what's getting away, and to run away from what's chasing us"
-The Great Gatsby

One year later:

Jillian P.O.V:

Paper work...more paperwork. The phones ringing filling the atmosphere, the busy bodies, the flipping and shuffling of papers...indicating a busy chaotic atmosphere. The heat absorbing us, and tempers of many flare with the rise in Celsius. I almost forgot how I got here.
A year and four months ago I decided I was unhappy and needed change. Needed to do the things I long neglected. I left everything for the sake of ultimate liberation. I traveled the world and saw it's goodness, met new people, and ate exotic cuisine. I managed to salvage already fragmented relationships, and destroyed others.
A year ago, he was to be wed. I hope he is happy now. I really do. Ex(s) rarely wish each other well, I wish mine all the best. I imagine he has a baby about now, a house somewhere near the suburbs, Tiana the loving wife helping him build a house...a home...a family. That could've been me, i could have settled and lived the rest of my life with him, in Lebanon. I did not want that. To settle. To stay. I wanted more. I needed more. I went for more.
But i missed him terribly, and wished i had allowed him to share that more with me.
The people that bring us happiness, true unadulterated happiness, are so few in this world. Some we embrace, and some slip through our fingertips. Some that bring us joy with pain and heartache as company, and some are just heartbreak. I did love him, i still do. Every day i would stare at the moon and the starry sky hoping for at least that small interval of time, we might be sharing that moment. Staring at the night sky. Sharing moments in time. So ridiculous right? Why would a girl still have feelings for a guy she technically pushed away?
I do. I do.
He crosses every thought in my mind and haunts me constantly. Every opening door, parking car, and every person dressed in a white lab coat...I imagine its him. Coming back to me. But how could that be?
He was with someone else. From a year ago. A year!

When we came back from Thailand that week, we immediately started working. Kalon rounded up investors, informed the UN of our humanitarian intentions, and friends of his he interned with that might be interested in working in a free clinic.

Cecilia switched back into lawyer-mode and took care of immediate paper work or any legal transactions and was there with me with every step of the way.

Vincent, who apparently was loaded(Good job Cecilia), played a big part in investment. He even found the plot of land to start. I knew I liked that guy!

I researched and researched places which needed free clinics with free medication. I also trained, rather followed around, a friend of my dad's who had been managing a hospital for 20 something years. Apparently you didn't have to be an actual medical practitioner to uphold a hospital. We decided to build the clinic in Lesotho. There weren't enough medical care centers, and needed more free clinics to care for the citizens who cant afford heavy and expensive medication. I could have picked anywhere, for the whole of Africa needed help and care, but help can only be offered little by little amounting to a large humanitarian bulge. If I ever had the chance to expand, i hope i will. I hope I can. But we have to start somewhere; Lesotho. I started with a very humble staff consisting of Kalon for general health, a mid wife( local but renowned), Kalon's friend who he interned with in Greece, and myself as the pharmacist. We associated ourselves with the nearest hospital, Paray which was sponsored by SolidarMed, for extreme cases; surgeries, critical cases...
It was tough at first, not one of us knew the language in the country, so we hired a linguist to teach us the mother tongue. Also, supplies took a while to arrive, and construction took forever, but here we are a year later with this clinic few would have had the chance to open. I look back and wonder how one year could seem like twenty. It's baffling!

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