Thank you(s) are in order!

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I really want to thank everyone who read this story.when i started writing this i never expected anyone to read it, it was like a secret hobby, then one day my cousins said "hey why dont u post it and see what happen" . And people actually read it! It started with my awesome friends' support then day by day other people started to read it as well. I hope u like these characters, this storyline, this small journey of self discovery. I hope u like the 'rhythm and flow' of my writing. I hope u understand that jillian, zen, and cecilia and their problems actually exist in our lives. The dreamer, the unfulfilled, the rejected lover in need of reciprocated love, the double crosser, the wise, and the list is endless. I hope u keep in reading it till the bitter end and like it in the process.
Thanks again! :)

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