Chapter 15

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We decided to start working on the kids room.
We started going through all of the clothes first. One week old babies don't really have any outgrown clothes, so we just packed most of it up. We left enough out for the next four days since we already had their things packed for when we move.
An hour and a half later, we had most of the babies things packed. All of their clothes; trinkets and decorations; books; toys, Everything. Piper was happily playing with a box and a couple of toys on the floor, Owen was playing in another box and the twins were asleep again.
About half way through taking apart the changing table we realized that it would be easier to move it in one piece. We put it all back together and started packing all of our storage things instead. Baskets; small boxes; clothes hangers; those kinds of things. They all went into one box easily.
It was about five o'clock before we got done in the twin's room. Piper and Owen were still playing on the floor and the twins were still sleeping in their bouncy seats.
"Who's hungry?" As soon as I got the words out of my mouth, Piper came running over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I looked over at Owen and he got up and started walking to me, as well. "Nadia." I muttered, "are you seeing this?"
Nadia and I both just watched as Owen walked over to me and hugged me tight around the neck just like Piper. Nadia started clapping. "Mommy is so proud of her little man!" She yelled. She ran over and kissed him on the head. She kissed me and held onto my cheeks. "I love you. All of you. Can you believe that?" She said, she was so excited, she was glowing.
"He just walked for the first time."
"I know. I can't believe it. I... He walked. Across the room." Nadia sat on the floor in front of me. "Come here Owen... Come see mommy." She no sooner got the words out of her mouth and he had walked over to her. Piper started clapping this time.
"Brother funny." She said and giggled.
"Brother is funny, isn't he?" Nadia asked, Piper giggle again and wrapped her arms back around my neck.
"Daddy funny?" Piper asked, turning her head sideways to look at my face.
"Daddy's gonna get you!" She started screaming, and I chased her out of the room. "Daddy is so silly!" I half growled in a silly manner, as I ran around the room behind Piper who was still giggling. She stopped and pressed herself against the wall. "I'm gonna get you !" I said.
She giggled and looked me in the eyes. "I'm hungry." She said and reached her arms up for me to pick her up.
"What would you like to eat, my princess?" I asked her as I lifted her and walked back into the bedroom.
"Toast!" She said and put her hands in the air like she had discovered it herself.
"Toast it is!" I told her. "What do you think, Nadi? Breakfast for supper?"
"Sounds good to me." She said.
"Me and this little lady are going to go make our food. Can you handle these three?"
"Of course." She said. I kissed her on the head and we went down stairs.
I set Piper up on the counter with one hand still holding onto her.
I reached the bread and she started clapping "toast, toast, toast!" She yelled. She was so happy she was bouncing.
"I'm going to make the eggs first. But I need your help." I told Piper.
Her eyes got really big and she put her hands up. "Piper help!" She said.
"Okay, I need you to sit in your high chair for me." I told her.
"No." She said, crossing her arms and pouting.
I picked her up and she started kicking. "Piper, I need you to sit there so you can help me."
"Help." She said and she stopped kicking. She let me put her in her seat. I handed her a spoon and a bowl. She thought that was incredible.
I got out a bowl and a fork and started mixing the eggs with a little bit of milk to make scrambled eggs. Piper loved that we were doing the same thing.
I cooked up the eggs and the bacon and toast. When I finished, Piper and I went back up stairs to the bedroom with Nadia and the babies.
I didn't hear anything when we got to the top of the stairs, so I slowly crept into the bedroom. Nadia and all three babies were asleep. Nadia had Ava in her arms, Asher was in his bouncer and Owen was laying on the floor with his head on Nadia's lap.
"Wake up sleepy heads." I said, putting Piper down and taking Ava from Nadia's arms.
Nadia woke up and looked at me. "I guess I fell asleep." She said and laughed.
"All four of you did... Look."
She looked at the babies. "Oh wow. This is funny. I'm surprised they let me sleep."
I laughed at her remark and picked Piper back up. "I'm going to take the girls down stairs, everything is ready. Do you want to bring the boys down to eat?"
"Sure. I'll be down in a minute." She said. I went down the stairs with the girls in my arms.
I put Ava back in her high chair and put her plate in front of her. She had toast and eggs. She decided bacon was yucky.
Nadia came down behind us and put Owen in his seat. I gave him some eggs in a bowl and got Nadia's plate. I shaped the bacon as a heart and put the eggs in the middle of it. Her toast was on another plate just so it would look good.
"You are too sweet." She said. "I love you so much."
"I love you too, sweetheart. Now hand me that baby."
"No, no. You need to eat, too." She said, turning Asher away from me.
"Yes, yes. I'm not hungry. You eat and I'll hold them." I told her.
"Fine." She handed me Asher and I started walking towards the living room. "Where are you going?" She asked.
"In the living room, we're going to watch a movie. I'm going to get everything ready." I told her.
"Okay then." She said. I took the twins into the living room and put them in their bouncy seats.
I got out four blankets from the closet. Two tiny ones for the twins, one for Piper and Owen and one for me and Nadia. I figured this was a waste of time considering all four of them would end up in our arms anyway, but it was a nice idea.
Asher started to cry as soon as I got the blankets situated. "Don't worry, baby. I was just making bottles." I heard Nadia yell from the kitchen. I walked out there and took them from her.
"Just give me two more minutes." I took the bottles out of her hands and kissed her.
I pulled out Piper and Owen's foam 'sofa' and put their blanket on it. I picked the twins up and yelled to Nadia.
"You can come in now!" I said. She walked in, Owen in arm and Piper walking ahead of her. "What do you think?"
"You're too sweet, really." She said, setting Owen down beside Piper on their little sofa.
"I do what I can." I joked. Nadia took Ava from my hands and picked up a bottle. She handed me the other bottle.
I pressed play on the movie and I started feeding Asher.
When we finished feeding them, Owen started crying, too. I ran up stairs and grabbed four pacifiers.
I put one in Owen's mouth and he was fine again. Piper realized what he did to get one and started crying, too. "I don't think you need one, princess."
She just looked at me and pouted. I handed her one and she stuck it in her mouth. She was happy, there was no need for me to fight it.
Shortly thereafter, I realized all four kids were asleep. I looked down at Nadia who was laying in my arms, she hadn't said anything for a while, and I figured she was asleep, too.
To my surprise, she looked back up at me. "What do you say we take these chunks up to bed and we go to bed, ourselves?" She asked.
"Of course, my love." I said. I picked up Piper first and brought her upstairs. I put her in a crib. I did the same with Owen.
When I got half way down the stairs, Nadia met me with the twins in hand. I took Ava from her arms and turned back around. We went up to the bedroom and put the twins in their bassinets. We climbed in bed and Nadia was out cold in no more than three minutes.
I don't know how much longer, but it wasn't long until I fell asleep, as well. It had been a long day. We were all ready to move on to another one.
The twins woke up at two in the morning. I changed their diapers and fed them both down stairs so Nadia could sleep.
I fell asleep on the sofa with a baby in each arm. I hadn't realized until I felt a kiss on my lips around seven thirty. "We only have two days left." I heard Nadia say.
"Until what?" I asked, still a bit discombobulated.
"Until we move. Oh, and it's almost seven thirty. What time did you come down stairs?"
"Two-ish." I told her, sitting up. She took Ava from my arms.
"Well, these two can go in their bassinets again, I just came to get a drink of water. Come back up to bed until the kids wake up.
"Okay, hun." I said. We went back up stairs and put the babies back. Nadia cuddled up to me and put her head on my chest.
She was asleep again in no time. I was, too. The next thing I knew, it was ten-fifteen.

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