Chapter 7

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"Today is the day." I hear a voice say, and then I see Nadia walk in the hospital room where I was sitting.
"Where are the kids?" I asked, she walked over, picked up Asher and sat beside me, kissing me softly.
"Mark has them." She said, we both laughed. "They love him, Piper keeps calling him uncle. She likes having more people around. Since I got pregnant with Owen, it's just been us."
"I like having you guys around, too. I've missed having a family. The last three days have gone by so quickly, I'm so glad I have you three and these two sweet babies." I said, gesturing to Ava and Asher, who were sound asleep in our arms.
"I brought the stroller and car seats in for you. The nurses took it to their station to check it before the babies are allowed to leave in them, since you didn't have them here before." Nadia said.
"Sounds good to me. I can't believe they're here and I... We get to take them home."
"Do you want me and the kids to come stay with you and help you this week?"
"You don't have to. I'm sure I can do it." I said.
"I know I don't have to. I offered. I want to spend the time with you, it'll be a little crazy with four of them, but this is our life."
I kissed her, harder this time. "You're perfect. I wouldn't want anyone else to help me."
She smiled, and looked down at Asher "So, what do you say? We come move in for the week?"
"Sounds perfect to me." I said, and I heard the door open.
"Well," I heard a nurse say as she walked through the door. "You're all set. Are you ready to get these babies out of here."
"Definitely." I said, Nadia and I both stood up from the bed and walked over to the stroller that the nurse brought in. I watched Nadia put Asher in first, and then I put Ava in her seat. We buckled them in and started to leave.
"One more thing!" The nurse shouted, and ran after us. She handed me a couple of papers, I looked at them, someone had bought a year long subscription to organic diapers for the babies. I didn't know what to say. I just flipped the paper over and was reading it. It was from Rachel. I just smiled and walked away with Nadia and my babies.
We got home a half hour later, and we just carried the babies in and left their car seats in the car. Nadia opened the door and I saw Mark standing there, holding Owen, and Piper was holding a sign that said read 'welcome home Ava and Asher... we love you' it was so cute, I actually started to tear up.
"Hi guys!" I said. "Piper, we brought your babies home!" Her face lit up as soon as I said they're her babies.
"My babies!" She shouted and started jumping up and down.
"Do you want to have a sleepover here Piper? We can stay with your babies." Nadia asked her.
"Uncle, too?" Piper asked, we all started giggling.
"Yes, uncle can stay too." I said, laughing.
We went inside and we all sat down on the floor in the living room. I picked Asher up and put him in a swing. I did the same with Ava next. "It's really incredible," I began, buckling Ava into her swing. "Last week when I was here, I was basically by myself. And now I have this incredible girlfriend, who I knew I wanted to be with since I met and her two perfect kids, who I love and I have two babies of my own, someone who really actually needs me. I love it."
"I think Mark needs you, too." Nadia said, we looked over at Mark who was struggling to fold a onesie.
"Hey! That's not nice! It's true, but not nice." Mark shouted.
"Ok, it wasn't nice, but no need to yell. You're going to wake up the babies."
"Nadia. They don't know what I'm saying."
"Mark, that doesn't mean they can't hear you. Oh my." Nadia said, laughing.
Asher started crying. "Nadia, is he hungry? What do I do? I had the nurses help and now I don't know what to do."
"Pick him up and bounce him." I unbuckled him and took him out of his seat and started to bounce him in my arms a bit, patting his bum, and I put a soother in his mouth.
"I guess this isn't as hard as it seems."

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