Chapter 16

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A good ten and a half hours were spent finishing up packing everything we wouldn't need over night.
We left the kids in play pens in front of the TV for the majority of the day. The babies were in their bouncy seats most of the day, as well. We only stopped a couple times throughout the day to feed them and change this diapers.
This would of been a good time to have Mark around.
We finished everything around nine thirty, and we were exhausted.
"I am so ready for bed." Nadia said.
"Me too," I told her sitting down on the bed. Piper and Owen were asleep on the day bed on the other side of the room. We put the twins down in their bassinets and crawled into our bed.
Two am rolled around and the twins had woken up.
"I'll get them, babe." Nadia said. And got up with them. "I need to pee, anyway."
She grabbed the twins and left the room. I started to fall asleep again when I felt a tug on my hand. I opened my eyes and saw Piper standing in front of me.
"Up, daddy." She said. I lifted her up into the bed and she curled up in my arms. We both fell asleep again pretty quickly.
For the second morning in a row, I woke up to a kiss and Nadia's voice. "It's moving day, babe." She said. I opened my eyes and she was standing in front of me, holding Owen. Piper wasn't in my arms anymore.
"Where's Piper?" I asked Nadia.
"Down stairs watching cartoons."
"Oh, ok. What time is it, anyway?"
"It's seven-thirty."
"Oh." I said. I got up and started walking down stairs.
"I made breakfast. Yours is in the oven on a plate. I wanted it to stay warm."
"You're the best, babe." I said and walked down the stairs. She followed behind me with Owen. When we got to the bottom, I took him from her arms. "Let me take this little man." I told her, taking Owen from her arms. "You go relax, you have obviously done a lot this morning."
"Okay babe." She said and went into the living room.
Owen and I sat at the table. He was in my lap, every bite I took, I had to give him one, too. "You've got a big appetite for such a little man." I squeezed him tight. "I love you little man!"
We finished eating, and we walked to the living room. Thankfully we had all the dishes packed up and we had eaten off of paper plates for days. That left us no dishes to clean.
I handed Owen back to Nadia and started walking away. "Where are you going?" She asked.
"I need to call the power company and get the power shut off here. I'll leave your phone number so Mark can get ahold of us and we can hook it back up if he comes back."
"Ok baby." She said and I went upstairs.
When I got everything straitened out, I heard someone down stairs talking to Nadia. I hurried down to see who it was. When I got to the door, I saw Nadia talking to someone I had never seen before, some man in a blue jacket.
"This is the guy with the moving truck. you have to sign for it." She told me.
"Oh, ok."
"I was just about to come and get you. "
"Well, I heard you talking to someone when I hung up, so I came downstairs." I signed the paper, and we started loading the truck. All the kids were asleep, so moving what we had went pretty quickly.
Everything was packed, so the man from the moving truck gave me the key to the back, and he left. He wasn't scheduled to leave until the evening, so we were going to get a head start.
"What do you think? Time to wake the kids up and get them in the car so we can leave?" I asked. "Or, well, put them in the car and try not to wake them up." I said having second thoughts.
"I guess so." Nadia said. "Grab Piper and I'll stay here with these three." She said. I went and put Piper in her seat the rental van and Nadia met me in the door when I was coming back in, she had Owen in her arms. I took him and went out to the van to put him in his car seat, too. Nadia went back in and put the twins in their car seats and carried them to the door. I took them from her and put them in the van, too. When I had them all fastened in, Nadia went out to sit with them and I went back into the house to make sure we got everything. I grabbed the keys, hid the spare one, and off we went.
We had driven for an hour before anyone woke up. We were about ten minutes from the next exit. "Who's crying?" I asked. I couldn't turn around while I was driving.
"It's Owen, I think." She said. "I'm going to climb into the back and give him some snacks."
She unbuckled her seat belt and climbed into the back with her. I watched her situate herself in the back seat between Owen and Asher.
She gave him some cheese crackers, handed him his sookie, and climbed back up to the front seat.
"Now if we can just make it to this next gas station." I said joking. "I'm sure another kid will be-" I began and I was cut off.
"Mommy!" Piper yelled. "Daddy!" She started kicking, "I hungry."
"Told you." I said, laughing.
Nadia handed Piper some cheese crackers as I pulled off the highway. We drove to the gas station and I filled up the van. Nadia got in the back to get the boys out of their seats. I filled the tank and pulled over to the parking spots in front of the building. I got the girls out of their seats and we all went inside the store. We let Piper pick out one treat since she was being so good. She decided she wanted ice cream.
"Pink I cream" she kept saying. We got her the 'pink I cream' and we all sat down at one of the picnic tables out side while she ate it.
Twenty minutes passed and we were on our way again.
We made it up I-95 in six hours. We only stopped a couple times when absolutely necessary.
We took the exit into Bangor and we drove around until we finally found the mall.
We met the seller, and followed him to the house.

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