Chapter 10

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When we walked in, Mark was sitting on the floor watching Mickey Mouse with Piper and Owen. "Hey guys!" He said before he actually looked up.
"Oh my god, Nadia, what's wrong? Greg, why do you have a police officer with you?" He asked and stood up.
"It's a long story. But the officer is staying with us for a while and we can't leave the house. You can't either. No one comes in and no one goes out." I said.
"Okay, let's go to the kitchen and you can explain." Mark said. We set the babies down in their carriers on the floor, Piper was happily playing with her toys and telling the babies stories.
"Nadia's ex boyfriend, Zach broke into her house and he said he was coming back to get the kids."
"Woah. What's happening about it?"
"There are a bunch of officers staying at Nadia's house so if he comes back, they can get him."
"Good." Mark said. His cellphone started ringing. "Hold on."
Everything got quiet for a couple seconds. "I'm over at Greg's house with him and Nadia." Mark said to the person on the phone.
"Who was that?" The officer asked.
"Oh, it was my roommate, Zach." Mark said.
"WHAT IS HIS LAST NAME MARK?" I yelled at him.
"Uh, I don't remember. It started with an 'h' though." He said.
"Hudson?" I asked him.
"That's it!"
"Oh no." Nadia said. And started crying again.
The police officer picked up his phone and called for backup. "We have located him." And he gave the person on the other end of the line mark's address as well as mine.
"What's going on?" Mark asked.
"That is Nadia's ex, you idiot!"
"Oh no." Mark said. "I have an idea, I'll get him to bring me his key and say I forgot mine, he will come here and they can arrest him."
"That is literally the best idea I have ever heard from your mouth." I said to him.
"I know" he said and dialled the number. "Hi, zach. can you bring the extra key over here, I lost mine again." There was a pause. "Sweet, thanks."
The backup police officers walked in, they Parked a couple of blocks away so Zach would come in.
In about five minutes, he arrived. He came in, without the key. "Nadia, I know you're here. I want the kids." As soon as he said that, the police officers emerged. They put cuffs on him and two of them left with him in the car.
"They got him, baby." I said to Nadia, hugging her. I looked over and Piper was passed out on the sofa. She must have slept through this whole thing.
"I know they did, but this is all too scary." She said.
"I know babe. But you can stay here with me for as long as you want." I said, putting my arm around her.
"Not to interrupt," I heard an officer say. "But since you guys found him, there will be a cheque in the mail with your names on it tomorrow." He said. "Everything is safe now, but I do think that you should consider moving, Nadia. You never know who he told about you living there."
"Oh my god." She said. "I never even thought about that."
She started crying again. "I'm just a mess. I'm sorry."
"It's okay." The officer and I said at the same time. I held her close.
The officer left and we took the kids and headed up stairs. We put the babies in their bassinets on either side of my bed, Mark sat in the chaise lounge chair and we put Piper in the bed with us. We all cozied up and decided to watch a movie.
"Can we watch friends with benefits?" Nadia asked.
"Of course!" I said, I didn't want to admit that it was my favorite movie.
"That's my favorite movie!" Mark said.
I just laughed. "Mine too." Nadia said.
"I have to admit, it is pretty good." I said.
Piper woke up, but she looked a little drowsy. "Uncle" she said and put her arms out.
"Mark, you're wanted." Nadia said. Mark came over and picked her up, she curled up in his arms and went back to sleep.
"That is so cute." Nadia said. "She has never liked anyone as much as she likes you.
"Kids just love him. He generally doesn't like them as much as he likes her, though." I explained. "His ex's kid was so cute, but he didn't like her as much."
"She was terrible. You try spending every day with the little brat." He said.
"I'm just going to start the movie." I said, Nadia laughed.
All of the kids slept the whole way through the movie. When it was over, it was a little after lunch time. "I should make lunch." Nadia said.
"Or, we could all go out." I said.
"That would be good, too."
"Where would you like to go?" I asked her.
"I don't know, I'm not picky."
"I have an idea!" Mark said. "How about the Texas Roadhouse?"
I love that place, and Piper loves the peanuts. And they have the paper on the table to color on." Nadia said.
"Great idea, Mark. I said. And they have the high chairs that fit car seats so we can keep the babies strapped in." I said.
"Perfect. We should feed them first, though." We fed the babies and packed up the daiper bags.
When we got to the restaurant, Nadia looked at me. "How am I supposed to move? I have two kids and I love this house. I'm just renting, but I just moved in six months ago. I have nowhere to go. Do you know how hard it is finding a house for three people that is a manageable rent?"
"You can move in with me, Nadia. I love you and I don't want to see you anywhere else but with me."
"But there isn't enough space for all of us to live there. Mark has nowhere to live now, either. And it isn't safe now that they know where you live."
"We will figure something out, baby. Let's just have dinner and then we can figure this out." I said.
When we finished eating, we headed out. My phone started ringing when we got to Nadia's vehicle. It was an unknown number. "Hello?" I said, really confused as to who it could be. "Yeah, we'll be right there." I said.
"Who was it?" Nadia asked.
"My neighbour. She said my mail came to her house."
"Oh, ok." Nadia said. We packed all the kids into the car, and headed back to my place. Mark ran over to my neighbour's house and grabbed my mail.
"Thanks man." I said as I grabbed it from his hand. The top one was from the police. "What is this?" I said, and opened it. It had a letter in it. I read the letter out loud to Nadia.
"I don't get it." Mark said.
"It's basically saying that they had to send the cheque early or it would be another month, and that we just got three million dollars."
"Three million dollars?" Mark asked, in shock.
"Yes. Three million." I said.
"Holy shit."
I looked over at Nadia, she was crying. "We can get a house now, baby." I said.
"I know. It's incredible."
"We should move to Canada." I said. They both looked at me like I was crazy.
"Seriously. We should move to New Brunswick, or something. We went there on vacation that time, Mark. Remember? It was beautiful."
"That is true." Mark said. "But I don't want you guys to leave me."
"You're coming, too." Nadia said to him.
"Yeah, I think Piper might miss you." I said to him. "Me too.. A little bit." I joked. He punched me in the arm.
"I'd miss all of you guys." Mark said.
"But you don't have to!" I began. "I have an idea, we can get one of those houses with an apartment down stairs and Mark can live down there. That way he can be with us but we can all have our personal space, too."
"That is a great idea. I would of never thought about that!" Nadia said, with a big grin on her face.
"I think we should start looking for a place tonight, actually." I said. "That is, after we finish getting everything. Nadia, we should go to your place first and get what you need for the next few days, and start packing all of your other stuff up."
"That's a good idea, actually." Nadia agreed. "We should all go, the kids can stay in the play room and we can start packing. I still have all of the boxes from last time I moved in the basement."
We all hopped back into Nadia's vehicle and drove over to her house. When we got there, we each grabbed a baby and Piper ran ahead.
"We should think about what we have for things other than our clothes and what not. Because we don't need two sets of everything, but Mark will need some." I said.
"Well, we can keep my sofa set, I just bought it. And we can use yours in Mark's apartment. All of my pots and pans are new, too."
"Mine are brand new, as well. Mark, you can have mine." I said.
"Thanks guys. All of the furniture I had was zach's" Mark explained.
"All of it?" Nadia asked.
"Everything. I only have my clothes."
"Holy shit."
"Yeah. That's why I come to Greg's most of the time. I feel more at home here."
"That makes sense." Nadia said.
"Well, we should get everything we can packed up. You fill your suitcases with what you and the kids will need for the next little while and then we'll pack everything else up. What we don't need, we should give some to good will and sell the rest." I said. "We should actually sell my car. We have no use for it, and if we plan on getting all of this stuff to Canada, we're going to need a moving truck, and Mark can drive that on the way."

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