Chapter 1

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"Hey, you've reached Rachel Watson, I can't take your call right now, leave me a message." She is making this so much harder than it needs to be.

"Well, she didn't answer. Again." I said with a sigh, sitting back down in my chair, hoping this day would end soon.

"Man, get up. Let's go!" Mark said, grabbing my arm and pulling me up from the position I had collapsed into.

"Where in hell are we going? I just want to stay here." I yanked my arm back.

"We are going to get you custody."

I got up, and followed Mark. I guess if it means my baby will be okay, and I'll see them grow up, I'm in. "Okay, fine. But how are we supposed to find her?" I questioned him.

"The cops. We can tell them the situation, and they'll fix the problem."

"Oh god, Mark. I guess she has an appointment today, can we not just show up at the doctor's office?" I pulled on his arm, holding him back.

"Fine. I guess we could try that first." He sounded upset. I think he just wanted the drama. Mark has always had a thing for the dramatic, that's why we're such great friends who argue like a married couple.

"Yeah.. Anyways, her appointment is in 45 minutes, let's get going!" I locked the door, and off we went. Twenty minutes and a painfully quiet car ride later, we arrived to the doctor's office.

"Greg, look! There she is! That's Rachel." Mark said, all while repeatedly tapping me on the arm.

I quickly got out of the car and made my way towards Rachel. "Rachel!" I shouted a little too loud, making her and another woman in the parking lot turn around and look at me.

"Oh, Greg. I didn't expect to see you here. What are you doing?"

"Uh.. W-well..." I stuttered, "I don't want you to put the baby up for adoption, I want to raise the baby." I finally spit out.

Rachel's eyes got really big, she smiled. "Really?" she asked, I nodded. "Greg.. Do you want to come to my appointment with me today? You should see your baby." She hugged me.

"I...I would love to. Just let me tell Mark." I ran back to the car and told Mark what was going on. "He said he's fine with waiting. Let's go, then." And we walked inside.

"The doctor will see you in just one minute, have a seat in this room here until he comes." The nurse pointed us into a small room at the end of the hallway.

"Okay," Rachel said to her. "Thank you." She shut the door behind her, and hopped up on the hospital bed.

"So you wanna be a daddy?" She asked me.

"Well, I can't have this child in the world that I created, and not care for it." I explained to her. She obviously didn't have a care in the world, I was just happy that she kept the baby. I was just staring at her belly, which was really big considering she was only four months along. A knock on the door snapped me out of this daze I was in for a moment.

"May I come in?" I heard a woman's voice, and saw the door crack open.

"Yeah, of course!" Rachel responded, I just sat back and watched.

"Oh, is this your.." The doctor said, gesturing towards me.

"Friend. My friend. " Rachel blurted out before she could even finish the question. "Greg."

"Nice to meet you, Greg. I'm Dr. Hitchlet." She extended her hand, I reached and shook it.

"Nice to meet you too, doctor." I said. Sliding my hand away as politely as possible. This was the weirdest doctors appointment before it even started. Dr. Hitchlet looked to be in her late forties, she was about five feet tall and wasn't the smallest person I had ever laid eyes on. She kept turning around and giving me glances while she asked Rachel questions about how she was feeling and how everything was going.

"Well," the doctor said. "Do you want to see this baby, or what?"

"Are you ready, Greg? Come over here beside me so you can see it!" I got up and walked over to her, looking at the screen.

"Oh..." The doctor said, she typed something into the computer. "I'll be right back." She said, and got up to leave.

"I hope nothing's wrong!" I said to Rachel.

"Meh. Probably not." She said back to me, obviously not caring as much as I did. The doctor returned with another person who appeared to be a nurse, and was showing her the baby.

"Yeah, you're correct." The nurse said and left the room.

"There's nothing wrong, is there?" I asked. Forgetting that we only told her we were friends.

"No, nothing wrong. But Rachel is having twins." We both stared at her. Neither of us said a word. I was in disbelief, and I think Rachel was just imagining how big she was going to get, because she just looked down at her belly and sighed.

"Wow." I said.

"Now, Rachel. I think it's time to start thinking about adoption options, since that's what you wanted to do... that is still what you want to do, right?" The doctor asked, and I looked up at her.

"Well," Rachel started, "Greg wanted the baby...but do you still want them now that there are two?" She asked.

"Of course I do!" I insisted, I knew it was the right choice.

"So, you're going to adopt the babies, Greg?" The doctor asked me.

"He's the father." Rachel explained to her. "We got drunk and, well... you know what came next."

"Oh, so that's simple. As soon as the babies are born, Greg needs to be here to sign the birth certificate. All you will have to do once they're born is sign off from parental rights and that's it."

"Wow. That is pretty simple." I said.

Rachel gathered her things and we walked out.

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