Chapter 13

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"Greg! What is this?" Nadia shouted to me.
I picked up Piper from the high chair and went up to my bedroom. "What is what?" I asked and put Piper on my bed.
"This." She said and handed me a box. It was blue with little white dots and it had a bow on top.
"I... I don't know, actually." I said. It had a tag on it so I flipped it over and read it. It said 'finally you found it. I wonder how long it took.'
"Open it!" Nadia said. "Do it or I will. I'm curious."
I shook the box gently first, it didn't weigh a whole lot, but I could hear something shaking back and forth. "I don't know. Maybe I should wait until we move."
"Or maybe I should take it and open it myself." Nadia insisted.
"Please." I said and handed it back to her. She opened it slowly, peeking first. "Okay, now I want to know. What is it?" I asked.
"Well, there's a letter on top, let's open this first." She said as she reached in the crack of the box, and took the letter out without looking at what was in there. "Want me to read it out loud?" She asked.
"Yeah, please." I said. We both sat on the bed, Piper was happily playing in the suitcase, making a mess of what her mother had already packed. Nadia started reading. "Dear son,
I am so proud of the man you are becoming. I put this box in here the day you moved in." She paused. "Are you sure you want me to keep reading this for you?" She asked.
"Yeah. I don't think I could read it." I said, and so she continued.
"I am so proud of the man you are becoming. Hopefully I have lots of years left to keep telling you that. But you never know. Life is short and unpredictable. Let Mark know that I am proud of him and how he's treating that Emily girl. I bet they'll get married soon. Wouldn't that be cute? I left you all of my information in case I pass away. You can get into my bank with this, I have a copy of my house key, and everything you would need. Hopefully you won't need this very soon, I hope to be around to see you get married and have babies. They'll have a great dad. I love you son. Oh, and the savings account information is in here for when I saved up for you to go to university. I know you didn't end up going, so maybe you could use it as a start for when you have kids? I love you a lot. More than anything. Love dad."
I didn't know what to say. I just took the box from Nadia and opened it. I looked inside to find a lot of papers and a key. I looked on the first paper, there was something hand written on the top. It said 'for Greg's education' I looked down and it had fifty thousand dollars. I handed it to Nadia and looked at the next page. It had written at the top 'my banking information' I started crying. "Ever since he passed away, I haven't been able to do anything with his bank. I knew nothing. This is how I can do it." I said. I was crying so hard. Piper realized I was crying when I spoke and got up and walked over to me.
She put her tiny arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. "Love daddy!" She said.
"I love you, my princess." I said and put my arms around her and hugged her back. We heard Owen start to cry, so Nadia went over to the Twins' room to get him.
"Uh oh." Piper said and put a hand over her mouth. "Brother." She said and started to giggle.
Nadia brought Owen in the room and he stopped crying. She sat down holding him and Piper gave him a big kiss on the forehead. "Brother." She said, and went back to the suitcase. We set Owen in the suitcase with her and they played with a couple pairs of socks.
"What do you say we go eat now and then we can do everything we need to do?" Nadia said. "I think we have done enough packing for now."
"I think so, too. But we should feed the babies first."
We fed the babies and then we packed all the kids up and headed out. "We never did decide on where to eat." Nadia said and started laughing.
"We didn't, either. Did we?" I said and started laughing with her.
"How about McDonald's?" I said. "It's not fancy, but kids love it."
"That works." Nadia agreed.
We went to McDonald's and ate. When we finished eating, we headed into Walmart. "We need baby stuff. Let's try to find that." I said. We were each wearing one of the twins and had Piper and Owen in one of the carts with double seats. We went directly to the baby items and the sale was still going on.
"I am getting all of the pacifiers that they have. Piper and Owen both still use them and so do the twins. We will need lots." Nadia said. She was soon filling the cart with pacifiers. "Oh and we also should have a couple of the clips for the car seats so they don't loose them." She walked over to where they were and grabbed four of them. Matching ones for the girls and matching ones for the boys.
"Those are brilliant!" I said to her when she showed me what they were. "I need one of those for my cellphone." I pulled out my old flip phone and looked at it. "I can never keep track of this thing!"
"No wonder. It's so out of date that it probably runs away when it thinks you're going to use it." She said laughing. "I think it's almost time for an upgrade."
"I'm going to do that when we move. It'll be a different area code, anyway." I said to her.
"Good point" she said and started looking around again. "We should get a new diaper bag. A big one for the girls and a big one for the boys. That way we don't have so many, and we can be more organized." She said. So we walked over to where the diaper bags were. It's incredible how many things there are to choose from for babies. They're so small and yet they need more stuff with them to leave for an hour than an adult does for a week. I just will never understand it. There's pink everything, purple everything, blue everything, yellow and green everything too. Every single thing made is multiplied in different colors and patterns. Some had zebra print, some had leopard print, some had cartoon characters. This all for a baby, who doesn't know or care that their pacifier has a monkey on it. They think it's s boob, I don't think they care what kind of animal smiling is painted on it.
Nadia picked up two diaper bags, they kind of matched. One was blue chevron with a black outline and the other was pink. "How about these?" She said holding them up to show me.
"How about no?" I said.
"Why not? They're so cute."
"They are for moms. I can't carry that around." I explained to her. I picked up two diaper bags and held them up to show her. One was black all over, but the liner was green chevron. The other was all green chevron with black edges. "How about these? I won't look ridiculous with this black one, and you can look cute with that one. And they match."
"I guess these could work. They are cute, matching and you won't look womanly. Yeah, I do like them. Oh, and look inside. They have dividers. They're perfect."
"Good. See, that wasn't too hard."
"I guess not." She said. "I like how we're coming to a compromise on things. I have never been able to do this with anyone else before.

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