Chapter 4

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After breakfast, Mark and I hopped in my '03 Civic and off we went.

"Ah, the Wang-Tang-Cadillac... the memories we have had in this car. Are you sure everything will fit in this though?" 

"Well, what do you expect me to put things in? A minivan?" I asked him, jokingly.

"Yes, actually." He said and closed the door a little too hard.

"Ok. But I don't have one, so please try to keep the doors on this for now!" I joked with him, and he punched me in the arm.

When we got to Target, Mark jumped out of the car before I even got the thing in park and ran for the door. He was so excited to be an uncle. "Come on Greg! Let's go pick out the things for your babies!" 

"I'm coming man, I can only go so fast!" I yelled back, running behind him. 

We got inside and we both started laughing. We knew we had a very small idea of what to buy, and we only decided on colors. There were so many patterns and styles of absolutely everything.

"First off, you need car seats. Let's go there now." So we headed towards the car seats. There were at least fifty different ones. 

I walked over to the strollers and looked them all over, as well. There was one, that stood out more than the rest, though. It had two side-by-side seats that also held carseats. It had so many color choices, but I just got the black one."Mark. This stroller is perfect. Look at this! I know we were looking for carseats, but this. I need this." 

"okay, let's get this if you need it so badly." Mark laughed. we loaded it into a cart and headed back over to the carseats.

When I walked back over to the aray of car seats, I looked for one that would go with the stroller and again, I found one that I had to have. It was red, and it was just the right size for my car and it had a lot of what i assumed were extra safety features and it was exactly what I was looking for. "Mark! This one. I need this one to go with the stroller." Now that we had these big items covered, I needed to get everything else. Not that I had a clue what this 'everything else' i needed was. 

"Well, now that this is covered, what do I get next?" I had asked Mark, knowing that he didnt have any better idea than I did but hoping somehow he would think of something.

"You need bottles. I know that. So, Let's go there!" We walked down the asile with bottles, pacifiers, and a bunch of other things that I had no clue of their purpose.

"What kind do you think I should get? There are so many!" I asked Mark. He just looked at me with a puzzled face. Obviously as confused as I was.

"Why are there so many? Oh my god." Obviously overhearing our confusion, a woman walked around the corner and looked at us for a few seconds.

"Excuse me," she said, and I looked up at her. "I heard you guys from the next asile over. Do you need some help?"

"Well, if you would like to help us, we would gladly take it!" I said, hoping she would stay.

"I'm assuming the baby isn't born yet."

"You assumed correct. Only three and a half months left." I explained to her.

"Okay, so is it a boy or a girl?" the woman asked, kindly. I could see her shopping cart with her two kids sitting in it. A baby asleep in it's carseat in the bottom and a toddler sitting in the seat part at the top, happily playing with the woman's cellphone.

"Twins, one of each." I said.

"Wow, looks like you and your wife are going to have a lot to handle."

"Well, the mother isn't my wife. She isn't even my girlfriend. I'm just going to take the babies after they're born."

"I wish all men were like you." she said quickly, gesturing to her kids. "They're a handfull and they weren't even new borns at the same time. Their father isn't around."

"I'm so sorry." I said to her, "You have beautiful children!"

"Thanks. They're my pride and joy. Now, I use these for both of them." she said, gestureing to her kids, and holding up a box, it had a picture of four bottles, and they were orange and the box read 'starter pack'. "They go from a bottle, to a sippy cup, to a cup with a straw. They're perfect. My kids still use them." I grabbed the box from her hand, and she handed me three more boxes from the shelf. "you're going to need way more than one of these. Four boxes should do for now."

"Ok, but do you mind if I ask what else I might need? I don't know what to feed them or how to or anything."

"Well, hunny. You're going to need to figure some of this out. You're going to need formula, and there is this machine that will make your bottles for you... it should be right around here." She looked around the shelves "Oh here it is. It's like one of those instant coffee machines, but for baby formula." she handed me another box. "It's the easiest way to make bottles. You'll need the easiest everything with twins. These two here are enough for me to handle."

"This is great. Thank you so much." I said to her, putting the machine into my cart. "I'm Greg, by the way." I said, extending my hand.

"I'm Nadia. Nice to meet you." she said, shaking my hand. "These two cuties are Piper and Owen."

"Those are really cute names. I'm still deciding on names for my babies, It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. I think of names, and then they remind me of someone I knew, and I don't want my kids to be like them, so I don't choose that name."

"I know what you mean. Owen was three days old before he actually had a name. Finally, I decided on Owen, and I couldn't imagine him being anything else."

"We're having some really deep conversation in a target asile. Maybe we should go out for dinner, and we can have some deep conversations there?"

"are you asking me out?"

"only if you say yes." I said, winking at her.

"Well, I don't know what to do with the kids."

"I'm a great babysitter. One of my ex's had a kid!" Mark blurted out, it was the first thing he had said since I started talking to Nadia.

"He really is," I explained. "she worked monday to friday, so he had her baby most of the time."

"Well, it's just dinner, I may as well. When would you like to do this?"

"Do you have any plans for tonight?"

"No, I don't."

"Mark, I know you don't have any plans for tonight, you're babysitting!" I said, patting him on the back. Nadia giggled. 

"You're right. I don't. Yeah, I'll watch them." Mark said, smiling at us.

"You're the best, Mark!" I said.

"What's your number? I'll text you my address and you can come get me, and Mark can come stay with the kids." she asked. I gave her my number and she smiled. "Thanks, I'll actually send you that right now so I make sure I put your number in right."

"Got it!"

"Perfect. So what time should I expect you?"

"Say Five-ish?"

"Five-ish is perfect. See you at five-ish."

"See you soon!" I said, and watched her walk away, pushing the cart with her kids in it.

"Greg's in love, Greg's in love!" Mark repeated, dancing around me singing like a six year old who had too much sugar.

"Shut up."

"No!" Mark said, I punched him in the arm and started walking. "Where are you going?"

"To pay for these and leave. Are you coming with me?"

"I guess so. You are my ride home."

I paid for all of my things, got them in the car and we headed for my house. To bring everything in and get ready for dinner.

I still couldn't believe she even agreed to go out with me and let mark watch her kids ... after about 5 minutes of knowing one another. But I couldn't have been happier.

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