Chapter 21

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"Look at the zebra, Girls!" I heard Janie say from behind me.
I turned around to see the girls faces. They were both jumping up and down.
Owen had been asleep since we got in the van, so he was missing most of the zoo, it was kind of sad, but he didn't seem to care when I had tried to wake him up.
We left one of the strollers in the van, and just wore the babies. It was much easier that way. I took a picture of the girls, -who were happy as a peach to be there- in front of the zebras.
They looked so cute in their matching outfits . I got them to sit on the ground so they could hold Ava. All three of them were so perfect.
I put Ava back in the carrier and we continued on through the zoo.
"We're back!" I heard Nadia shout in between conversation with Janie.
"How were the kids?" Nadia asked Mike.
"They were great... They're so easy to deal with when they're asleep." Mike said jokingly. "This little guy is the only one who decided to stay up with us." Gesturing to Owen.
"Aw, hey little man!" Nadia said. "Come see mama!" She said, Owen leaned back away from her. He obviously wanted Mike to keep holding him. "Or not!" She said. Both women started laughing.
"I see you're getting your plethora of machines ready!" Nadia said as she walked over to me, putting her arm around my waist.
I kissed her on the cheek and looked at her. "That I am!" We both laughed.
"These are cute machines, but why so many?" Janie asked.
"Exactly what I was wondering, Janie." Nadia said, stepping back from me, and putting her hands on her hips.
"There was a sale." I said. The girls just looked at me. "Okay, so me and Mike will finish up in here, you guys go find a movie, please."
"Fine boss man!" Nadia said.
Mike and I finished up everything, and got the sugar ready for the cotton candy. "Have you guys picked out a movie yet?" I yelled to the other room.
"No, not yet!" I head Nadia yell back.
"What's taking you so long?" I asked them.
"We're looking, but there's nothing good on that we can all watch."
I walked into the living room and handed Nadia my debit card. "Here, go buy one." I said, and then handed her the keys to the van. "We'll get the kids ready and in pyjamas."
"Do you guys mind bathing them, too?" Nadia asked.
"And while you're at it, can you give Emma a bath, too?" Janie asked Mike.
"Of course, ladies. Don't be too long, though!" I said, laughing. I knew the two of them would be a while.
"That's hilarious!" Mike said, we both laughed.
Nadia and Janie walked out the door and Owen waved good-bye to them. We shut the door when they got in the van.
"Oh, good. They're all ready!" Janie said when she walked in the door and hour and a half later.
"Mommy!" Emma said when she saw her. She got up and ran to Janie and hugged her. When Nadia walked in the door, Piper's face lit up. She ran to Nadia and Nadia picked her up and hugged her.
"Okay, we got more than one movie so that you guys could choose." Nadia said. She handed me a bag of about fifteen or twenty movies. "There was a sale." She said, her and Janie both laughed.
"Well played, ladies. Well played." I said.
Around six a.m. I woke up to a crying baby. I got up and went over to Ava's bassinet. "Baby girl, don't cry!" I said. I picked her up and rocked her.
I put a pacifier in her mouth and brought her into the kitchen to make a bottle.
Before the bottle was done, Nadia was down the hall to the kitchen with Asher for the same reason. We bounced them as much as we could, trying to keep them happy so we wouldn't wake Janie and Mike up.
We made the bottles and sat on the floor. I didn't feel like walking back to the bedroom, so we just sat against the cupboards and fed the babies.
This happened on a regular basis, but generally earlier than six. I was pleased they had slept until six.
"I'm sorry about the movies, babe." Nadia said.
"And I'm sorry about the machines" I told her. She snuggled into me. "I love you, so much. The movies were nothing. I'm sure they weren't any more my mini food factory." I laughed "that was kind of a joke, but I really do love you." I told her.
"Gross!" I heard Mike say as him and Janie walked around the corner into the kitchen. He kissed Janie.
"You're gross, too." I said laughing.
"Good morning!" Nadia said to Janie. "How did you guys sleep?"
"I slept about as good as a pregnant lady can sleep. But I think this guy slept well, because he never stopped snoring." Janie said, she started laughing.
"What would you guys like for breakfast?" I asked them.
"You don't need to make anything special!" Janie said.
"Well, crepes, eggs, bacon and hot chocolate it is!" I said.
"Oh dear!" Janie said. "It's a pregnant woman's dream!"
You guys have a seat. I'll start cooking. "Here, let me finish feeding Ava." Janie said.
"We can go into the bedroom, Janie. That way the babies aren't disrupted by the mixer." Nadia said, getting up from the floor.
"I'll stay here and help you, I guess!" Mike said. "What would you like for me to do?" He asked me.
"Can you slice strawberries and bananas?"
"I can!" Mike said. I handed him the basket of strawberries from the fridge and showed him where the knives were. "How many do you want?" He asked.
"Four bananas and all of the strawberries!" I told him.
"This is so good!" Janie said. "The crepes are amazing!"
"They are really good, how come you've never made them before?" Nadia asked me.
"I like to save them for special occasions. Even Mark had only had them a couple times a year. I make them for birthdays, and christmas... Things like that. And no one knows my recipe. It was my grandfather's and he only gave it to me." I explained to Nadia.
"Who's Mark?" Janie asked.
"He's my cousin. We grew up together and he basically lived with me most of his life. He actually almost moved here with us but took off with an ex girlfriend right before we left."
"Oh, I'm sorry." Janie said.
"It's okay. I'm giving him six months and he'll be crawling back to me." I said, I started laughing.
"Oh. One of those guys?"
"Yep. One of those guys."
As soon as I finished my last bite, I heard little feet coming to the kitchen. I ran out to the living room and picked up Emma and Piper. "Good morning little ladies! Who's hungry?" I asked them.
They both started bouncing. "Hungry!" Emma said.
"Yum!" Piper was repeating.
I put them in the high chairs and got them both a crepe.
Both girls were covered in chocolate hazelnut spread fairly quickly.
When they were finished I took a picture of them, covered in chocolate. "We'll clean everything, and these two little monkeys up!" Nadia said.
I heard Owen yelling, so I went to get him. "Good morning my little man!" I said as I walked in the bedroom door. "Do you want breakfast?"
"Mmmmm." He said, grinning.
"I'll take that as a yes!" I said.
I took him down to the kitchen and put him in one of the high chairs. The girls were sitting on the floor in the living room in front of the twins who were in their bouncy seats.
I got Owen some eggs and sat with him while he ate. "Who's my little buddy?" I asked him.
Owen started bouncing and kept smiling. "You're my buddy, aren't you?" I said. He put his hands in the air.
"Up!" He said.
"Are you all done?" I asked him. He threw his spoon on the floor. "I guess so!" I said.
I took him out of the high chair and washed his face off.
"I guess we should head home now." Janie was saying to Nadia as I went into the living room with Owen.
"Okay." Nadia said.
"Thanks so much for having us. This was so much fun! Next time, you guys are coming to our house, though!"
"Of course! Thanks so much for staying!" Nadia said. "I can't wait for next time! Hopefully we'll have another little man to add to the group!"
"Yes, hopefully!" Janie said. "Which reminds me, will you be his God Parents?"
"Really?" Nadia asked.
"Yes, really. And we want you to be Emma's, too. If you guys would."
I looked down at Nadia, still sitting on the sofa. She had tears in her eyes when she looked up at me. "We would love to!" I said.
"Oh my god, great!" Janie said. She grabbed and squeezed Mike's hand.
"Thank you guys so much" Nadia said.
"You're welcome!" Mike said. "And thank you guys!"
"Are you ready Emma?" Janie asked her.
She jumped up and ran to Mike. Mike picked her up and kissed her on the cheek. "Say goodbye to uncle Greg and Aunt Nadia!" Mike said.
Emma started blowing us kisses. "Bye bye Em!" Nadia said.
"Bye Memma!" Piper said, running to the door.
"Bye bye Iper!" Emma said as the waved goodbye.
They walked out the door, and Piper watched them walk down to their car. I grabbed Nadia's hand, and we watched them drive away. When we couldn't see them anymore, Piper closed the door and turned around. She smiled up at us. "I love mommy and I love daddy!" She said. We both knelt down and hugged her.
We went into the living room and sat on the sofa. Piper and Owen were playing on the floor and the twins were asleep again. Nadia curled up in my arms and we turned on the tv. "I think this is a good way to spend the day." I said.
"Me too." Nadia agreed.

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