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Game Changer by Big_Dreams_NYC
Game Changerby Big_Dreams_NYC
Currently being edited --Nov.24, 2015-- Greg Baker is new at this dad life , especially the single dad life . After a long drunken night of fun , the girl he brough...
  • wattys2015
  • police
  • twins
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Truth  by MissToriAnn
Truth by 💜💕 Angel 💕💜
" My mother always tells me that honesty is the best policy, I'm Truth." " Yeah, I don't care who the hell you are..." Knox stated as he got close...
  • firststory
  • love
  • youth
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New Earth by Balalalika
New Earthby V.
A Scientist named Ryusei Akatasuki worked in a laboratory in Hamamara in Japan. Ryusei acquires the machine that he and other scientists have been working on and decides...
  • animebased
  • elves
  • kingdom
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Only Me....[Completed✔] by LioraLaeticia
Only Me....[Completed✔]by brigita liora laeticia
You know, We usually thought that we're okay. I mean living a happy normal life with everything just right. But what happens if you got a "talent" that only yo...
  • justwriteit
  • bahasa
  • wattpadindonesia
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A Life Worth Living by wgimw26
A Life Worth Livingby Pancakes
Elinor Stratton's life isn't what she wants, but it all changes when her carefree, rich uncle shows up in the middle of the night.
  • totallyawesome
  • youshouldread
  • firststory
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One Night in the Slammer by SmagTargetShaker
One Night in the Slammerby Ardine Magdua
Ash Carter had the greatest night out with her friends. But when the night gets rough, her so-called "friends" make a run for the hills leaving her to spend th...
  • slammer
  • queer
  • yolo
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What They Don't Know by Ysabelle_Thalhammer
What They Don't Knowby Ysabelle_Thalhammer
For a last mission as a squad, four of the best detectives in their precinct fight to determine and accomplish in catching an all time criminal on the loose. Little do t...
  • adventureofalifetime
  • detectives
  • superpowers
Life of Z by xunknown1994
Life of Zby xunknown1994
wherever i go, you will always be with me ♡
  • chrono
  • life
  • adventureofalifetime
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Something's Going to Happen ( All of the Ships in @Kathynoplay's Story) by ItsMeJadeNguyen4356
Something's Going to Happen ( Jade Nguyen
Hello and welcome to this story line. I am doing this and to work with my good friend @Kathynoplay. This is a story with different scenarios for the different ships base...
  • ships
  • adventureofalifetime
  • diaboliklovers
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The Society of the Writer's Eye by princess1D5
The Society of the Writer's Eyeby -ptxnebula
Writer's block is the worst thing that can happen to a writer. The worst thing. When Raina Peterson, an aspiring author was trying to write a new story gets a strange vi...
  • fantasy
  • topsyturvy
  • adventureofalifetime
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Dark Creatures by GracieUnicorn111
Dark Creaturesby Gracie Carpenter
Ashlynn Creator's world was completely normal for years of her life till her 14th birthday when she found out a secret her parents had been hiding from her: her grandmot...
  • underworld
  • anarchy
  • werewolves
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medieval assignment  by paulinhio
medieval assignment by paulinhio
Steve,an adopted child is sent to a boarding house far away for his mischief. When he arrives he is sent to a dormitory with a secret underground tunnel leading to the...
  • adventureofalifetime
  • bestselling
  • emenikeclassics
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Mind the Gap: A Memoir by MoonlightAndLemons
Mind the Gap: A Memoirby Moonlight and Lemons
Red buses, old-fashioned taxis, Big Ben, the River Thames--these are the icons of London. But beneath and between the tourist attractions and busy streets of this city l...
  • england
  • myyouth
  • writeforyou
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The Adventure of a Lost Boy by MadameEnchantress
The Adventure of a Lost Boyby Charlize Jhoanna Andales
Not your typical adventure. But an adventure of finding the right love to complete you.
  • adventureofalifetime
Cowgirls by cow_girl3000
Cowgirlsby cow_girl3000
When Natalie West's parents die from a fatal car crash Natalie and her younger sister May go to live in Texas with their grandparents. After meeting a mysterious outlaw...
  • romancestories
  • romance-friendship
  • sweet-romance
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Child given away at birth  by nicolepruiett121
Child given away at birth by nicolepruiett121
A young girl was recently put in jail for a crime her and her family committed but low and behold she was 7 months pregnant And lily needed to find someone to give her c...
  • moments
  • funloving
  • weakness
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The Super Societies by rachel_here24
The Super Societiesby Rachel24
Andros is the country of superhumans. The country is divided into 5 societies based on the people's powers and eye color. Each eye color depicts a power possessed by the...
  • royalty
  • queen
  • supernatural
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Brothers by EmilyViolet2
Brothersby Emily Violet
This story is about a love between a mortal and a vampire, but when the mortal meets the vampires brother her whole life changes when something happens to her love, so s...
  • drma
  • adventureofalifetime
  • love
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The Londoner  by Gby156
The Londoner by Gby156
Millie is moving to London. After years of dreaming of the day she can leave her small town in the the middle of nowhere New Zealand she's leaving. Unfortunately Millie...
  • london
  • adventureofalifetime
  • girls
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Journey by xxCatFictionxx
Journeyby xxCatFictionxx
Way before the clans, the tribes, even before the first group. A time when the first cats stepped paw into the wild. A time when they were beginning to understand the co...
  • adventureofalifetime
  • exploration
  • cats
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