Chapter 6

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"Where are you?" Finally, after three months of calling, Rachel answered the phone.
"I just came back from LA, I went on a trip with Jamie." She explained to me, like there was no problem she left.
"You are seven months pregnant with my babies and you just ignore me for three months while you go to LA with your current boyfriend? Really?" I was mad at this point, I had absolutely no sympathy for this woman.
"Well, they're in my belly, I couldn't--" she paused, it got silent for a few seconds.
"Rachel?" I said, quietly. A bit confused.
"Holy shit! I think my water just bro-- owwww!" She was screaming.
"I'll be right over. Get clothes for you, I will get everything ready for the babies." I hung up the phone and went out the door. I got to Rachel's house in about two minutes. "Do you have everything?" I yelled in the door as I ran in.
"These babies are coming, and they're coming now." She screamed in my face as she waddled out the door past me.
The hospital was normally a ten minute drive from her house, but since it was eleven a.m. we made it there in about six minutes. I parked by the doors to the emergency room, and I ran in to get a doctor. About two hours after getting into a room, they said she was ready to push. They told me I was the only one allowed to be in there, but truthfully I was the only one she had besides her on and off boyfriend that stayed in LA when she came back.
Finally, after 6 hours of labor and about forty five minutes of pushing, I had two beautiful babies.
They were rushed out of the room before she could see them, mostly because she didn't want to. She asked me to leave, and I did.
I went out to the waiting area and called Nadia. I had only just met her three months ago, but I didn't want to share this moment with anyone else. Nadia picked up Mark and they came strait to the hospital. They walked in with a double stroller with Piper and Owen in it.
I kissed Nadia on the cheek, smiled at Mark and kneeled down in front of the stroller. "Hi Piper, do you want to come see my new babies?" I said.
She put her arms out to me, so i unbuckled her from the stroller and we walked down the hall, Mark and Nadia followed me, Mark pushing the stroller. We went into a small room with a bed, and two little babies in hospital cradles. The bed had no one in it, there was just a nurse in there holding one of the babies. "Do you want to hold your babies, Greg?" She asked.
"Of course I do." I said, and I put Piper on the bed and sat down beside her. The nurse handed me a baby. Nadia walked around the bed and handed me the other baby. She pulled out her phone and started taking pictures of me with them.
"So did you come up with names?" Nadia asked me.
"Yes," I said. "As soon as I saw them, I knew exactly what to name them. Asher and Ava."
"Those are perfect names!" Mark said, speaking for the first time since they arrived.
"Do you want to hold a baby, Piper?" I asked her, she nodded her head and put out her arms. Nadia propped pillows up behind her and slid her back. I handed Mark Asher and put Ava in Piper's arms. Nadia took a picture of them together, Piper smiled so big, she was more than thrilled. She looked so proud. "Good job, you're really strong, you can hold a baby all by your self." I told her. She smiled again and looked at Ava, and then looked at Nadia.
"My baby, mommy." She said, now looking at Ava again.
I laughed, "no hunny." Nadia started. "This is Greg's baby."
I looked up at Nadia who was now holding Owen. I took him from her and looked her in the eyes. "Nadia, I love you and I love these two beautiful children of yours, would you like to make things official? I want these babies to know you, and anyways, Piper already said it's her baby. You're kinda stuck with me for a while."
Nadia covered her mouth and stepped forward. She grabbed Owen and put him back in his stroller seat. When he was buckled in, she stood back up and wrapped her arms around me. "Of course." She whispered in my ear. "I love you and these babies. I'm pretty sure Piper thinks the same way."
We looked back over at Piper, who was sitting there smiling, still so happy to be holding Ava. "What do you think, Piper? Are Ava and Asher your babies?"
"My babies, Mommy."

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