Chapter 8

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His heart raced in his throat he was going to die and Braydon and Sherlock live he hoped sherlock wouldn't become depressed like with the woman but he had real love with John.

He almost passed out under all the heat he felt on his forehead. he knew John wanted him to live but what would happen to sSherlock....

Sherlock pulled the trigger and killed the man by Braydon but everything seemed slow motion. he knocked out the man near John with the barrel of his gun.

" I was jealous he was so close" Sherlock shrugged.

Sherlock picked up the bruised and beaten boy and ran with John at his side out.

Molly followed and shot the bullet grazed John's ribs he flinched but ran even faster. more footsteps filled the air as the barely held their lives.

Sherlock turned to shoot at Molly but missed on propose to only slow her down.

It seemed like centuries before they got out but they did and sherlock brought all of them to the hospital.

Braydon was in intensive care he hasn't eaten in weeks and was beaten an bruised he wouldn't of made it much longer. John had blood oozing from his side and was patched up well. Sherlock stood by the boy and made sure he was okay.

Sherlock's heart had given way to another human other than John. he held Braydon's hand and Braydon held his

''I love 221B dad" he smiled faintly and coughed.

John's surgery went well. Sherlock waited by him until he woke from the drugs he was given.

"Hey sSherlock he mumbled sleepily "how's bray"

"Fine he can come home next week" Sherlock smile "and he wants to''

•••a week later•••

Braydon sat drinking tea with sugar while Sherlock and John watched crap Telly...

Sherlock's heart was unknown to most except the two who sat in the flat with him right now even though it was a weakness he was willing to have it he wanted this one anyway...

This is not the end I promise!!
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