Chapter 3

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"Why did Sherlock an John adopt a son and how much do you mean to them?" the man must have thought Braydon was dumb. Sherlock had thought him well enough to know never give you weakness or allies weakness to the enemy...
"Not much Sherlock was utterly bored and John couldn't leave in the street I'm mostly a obstacle to their love..." she sighed. this was a lie John loved Braydon almost as much as he did Sherlock.

The Man held a blade near Braydon's neck. Braydon shiver and hunched low in the chair he sat in. he felt cold and couldn't breath.

Before the two got up John caught his breath from what the two just did. (yeah I'm a dirty fangirl like that so if u don't want that or aren't about that life stop reading this but I love you guys!!)Sherlock mumbled something about john's warmth as he stumbled out of bed with out any-- I mean butt naked from bed.
"Dear god Sherlock the windows open!" John ran to shut the blind.

"Sorry" he muttered putting on a nice white shirt of the case on Braydon.

John couldn't help he had to go to work but now this case was sherlock's work. before John hurried out the door Sherlock stopped him and kissed him on the cheek whispering how he will find Braydon for him.

The dad was busy for John and Sherlock but John could hardly think straight he almost gave a teenage girl a pill for getting an erection-- which the man in the waiting room almost got pills for a safer period.... awkward for John taking back the box....

Sherlock couldn't see straight it made no sense at all.... his son was beaten up but he turned around during it and didn't see where he was taken...

He followed the way a faint trail of blood still lie. an ally I where he ended up and shoe scuffs fro someone being dragged.... it was Braydon he was wearing converse that day these were converse scuffs. he held he breath and tried to think but who would want his kid why not John he loved John more.... he felt bad for admitting it but John wanted the kid he was envious of the kid for getting some of john's attention.

Sherlock ran back to the flat and started seeing who the suspects could be...
American spy's that sought to kill Sherlock--- no they wouldn't go to so much trouble NO
moriarty's men NO
terrorist trying to get to Sherlock.. they would Just kill everyone NO
Mycroft NO
Anderson NO
he thought for a second could it be the one nobody missed Moriarty himself MAYBE

he wouldn't tell John that he would flip out and die and he couldn't have that he loved murders and death but not when it s the one and only John Watson....

His hands sat steeples under his chin when John came home

"Find anything?"

"Yes odd really I believe he ran away but I will look for him if he ran away no one is killing him at least". Sherlock hated lying to John unless if it was to get in in bed or in their room but that was different.

Sherlock had to find him quick or he would kill the boy then John and it would be horrible god sometimes he hated being Sherlock Holmes...

John and Sherlock laid facing each other John played with sherlocks hair effortlessly. sherlock was into his case he couldn't sleep but watching John sleep made him feel safer and that Braydon would be too.

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