Chapter 22

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Braydon had cuts on his arms because this was the first time he wore short sleeves.

"Braydon oh my god I love you" John held him close

"I'm sorry" Sherlock said starring out the window

"Dads.... I'm----I'm gay but don't want to--"

"Be gay?" John looked confused

"No alive" Sherlock whispered almost choking



"Everything I can't do it anymore living I hate it.... more than anything I hate it"

••••John's flash back••••
"SHERLOCK I LOVE YOU COME BACK WHY did you jump babe why" he sobbed into his hands

He Searched around for something anything. he found it. a small box with five blades all shinny and clean.

He held it to his pale skin. he tore the skin open as red flowed from his wound and flowed he cut again and again and again.

"Sherlock I loved you! come back to me don't be dead please I love you" he took the blade again and on his ankle slit the word 'lock' onto the skin.
••John's flashback done••

"Braydon don't you have-"

"Braydon for the longest time I wanted to die and almost did but once I met John I didn't anymore"

••••Sherlock's flashback••••

He sat alone in a 221B John was out and he was alone.

He dug for a blades he put in the washroom a year or so ago and found it with one bloody.... he did this to John.

A John that would never love him he loved John but John wouldn't love him... he took the blade and stripped his arm in blood. then threw the blade down sobbing

"John I love you!" he cried

He carved into his pale ankle the name John.
••Sherlock flashback done••

"Don't" Sherlock stroked his sons arm and needed to talk to John back at home so left with John by his side when Ethan slipped into the room

"Ethan" Braydon couldn't make eye contact

"Braydon" Ethan said on the verge of tears

He stood close the bed Braydon laid on. he took Braydon's face in his hands and had him look into his eyes.

"Braydon I love you" Ethan leaned down and fervently kissed Braydon it was a clean kiss but Braydon didn't want anything but that kiss

"I love you too E"

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