chapter 1

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"sherlock we should adopt!" john tugged at sherlock's long coat like a child

"we have so many cases john, we cant"

"we could take less please we need a child in our life!"

"fine look at adoptions and foster homes and you can bring me the options"
"they wont be a case sherlock and you cant get bored of him or shot him like the wall you know right?"

"i know john"

john watson spent all night looking for a kid until he found one. a twelve year old named Braydon he was given up because his parent were drug attics not like it would be any better here for that. John ran and showed sherlock the child he found for them to raise.

sherlock agreed to the boy. john started to empty an old room for the kid. he put the boxes in a closet and bought a bed for Braydon. he also threw away the fingers and eyes in the fridge so social sevices wouldnt call the police on them.

"john! thta was an expirement!" he cried digging through the trash for the fingers

"sherlock the boy is coming today throw them away and dear god put some trousers on!" Sherlock scouled at John and set his violin on the chair and marched to his room to put on pants.

he came out in his detective coat and left. so john had to text him.

dear god sherlock the boy will be comeing any minuet come home! -jw

i'll be home soon -sh

of coures he wasnt and Braydon came home to a house with only John.

"so sorry sher had to go out for something"

the boy romped around the house excitely.

"everything is in order thank you and here are Bryadon's papers" the man left and Bryadon was shown his room

"im home John" sherlock entred with grocies in his hands.

"good this is Braydon" john interduced them.

the three sat down for supper it was weird for sherlock to go and get food that wasn't illigel or inhuman to eat. it was akward for all of them until Sherlock described all the bloody cases they had been on and Braydon was intriged by them. John didnt like telling a young boy all these things but he seemed to enjoy it.

"i thought sher way a girl" braydon laughed

"why do you call me that john? you know i hate it"

"sorry" the three all went to bed

Braydon sat in his room he really hated haveing two dads he thought it was just wrong... but they seemed nice enough so he just ingnored it even at school where he got bullied for it even though his parents were Sherlock and John Holmes-- the best detetives in England.

he was happy his parents werent to protective of him so he explored london freely. he often got caught in odd sitations but got out easily because he had learned from the best.

by now he was 13 and still taughnted by the people who hated him haveing two parent but little did he know something worse that bullies lay before him.

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