Chapter 16 Dedicated to my brother grant the grey

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•*•*• In honor of the best and saddest movie ever I'm writing a song fic song is I see fire by Ed sheeren it is about the fall*•*•*

All I could see him falling falling to the ground
••O misty eye of the mountain below keep carefully watch of my brother souls••

Nothing made sense Sherlock on fell to the cold ground and everything left me

••and should sky be filled with fire and smoke keep watching over Durin's sons••

The city's smoke smelled burnt but John smelled nothing none of his sense worked only on thing his mind it only said Sherlock....

••if this to end in fire we should burn together••

Sherlock and John didn't burn together only it seemed Sherlock burned but truly John was really dead

••watch the flames climb high into the night calling out father oh stand by and we will watch the flames burn auburn on the mountain side••

He could feel nothing only a slight burning in his chest he was empty as he tried to find sherlock's body cold and empty of anything

••if we should die tonight we should die together raise a glass of wine for the last time••

His Sherlock was gone and the barrel was back cold on his temple die together he didn't want to be alone.

••calling out father oh prepare as we will watch the flames burn auburn over the mountain side••

Red all he saw was red the flat seemed to be engulfed into flames surrounding him shouting Sherlock to him.

••desolation comes upon the sky••

He felt alone a shinny golden bullet rolled in his fingers he felt the cold gun in his fingers and was ready he thought

••now I see fire••

His eyes blood shot in the dirty and splotchy mirror.

••inside the mountain I see fire burning the trees••

His body went numb as he placed the bullet into the gun and cried aloud

••I see fire hollowing souls I see fire blood in the breeze••

He looked at his blue veins pumping blood through him why was he need he was only a useless army doctor without Sherlock.

••and I hope you will remember me••
Why would this world remember him...

••should my people fall surely I will do the same••

He would do as Sherlock did but he had no note and didn't want the only person he would write it to was Sherlock

••confined in mountain halls we got to close to the flame••

He also had only one friend he fell to the ground breathing heavy and found a note in sherlocks curvy handwriting

••calling out father hold fast and we will••

**i believe in you watson don't leave for me** he held the note close but the gun closer

••watch the flames burn auburn on the mountain side••

He no longer wanted breath. He only wanted death

••desolation comes upon the sky••

He held the trigger and felt everything fall away like when he watched Sherlock die

••I see fire••


••inside the mountain I see fire boring the tress I see fire hollowing souls I see fire••

The gun fell with a thump

••blood in the breeze••

Only the note stay clenched between his fingers.

••I hope that you remember me••

He let his head fall against the tub side and sobbed the bullets still in the gun and note in hand ** I believe you Watson**

••if the night is burning I will cover my eyes for if the dark returns then my brothers will die••

The crumpled note laid on the ground soaked in tears his hands still stained with Sherlock's blood.

••and as the sky is falling down it crashed into this lonely town with that shadow upon the ground I hear my people screaming out••

His screams rang out through the flat and all flats near it he screamed sherlocks name over until he was reduced to tears

••now i see fire••

He was filled wit hate the loneliness

••inside the mountain I see fire burning the trees and I see fire hollowing souls I see fire blood breeze••

He held his head I his hands in his hands rocking back and fourth

••I see fire you know I saw a city burn••

He stood I sherlocks room and reading the note over again

••I see fire heat upon my skin••

••I see fire••

He saw five words on the back...

••I see fire burn auburn on the mountain side••

Five words

**i hope that you remember me,
Your Sherlock Holmes

•*•* hope u guyyys liked it the song was by Ed sheeren for the second hobbit of desolation of smaug annnnnd I thought it was good I praise Peter Jackson for what he did for us!!!! Anyway comment of u like kili and tauriale or tauriale and leggy!! I ship kili and her!!! any way I love BOFA AND ALL THINGS RING AND HOBBIT OMG OMG OMG COMMENT IF YOU LIKE SONG FICS AND HOBBIT STUFF OKAY SO LIKE PROBABLY MORE HOBBIT COMING YOUR WAY OKAY LOVE YOU MY LITTLE HOBBITESS WE LOVESS IT FOREVERSSS!!!

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