Chapter 27

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Sherlock held John's hand. John leaned into Sherlock's chest. John couldn't hold it in any longer, tears began to stream down him cheeks. Sherlock didn't cry but he comforted John. even though he didn't understand why he was so sad....

Sherlock smiled up at Braydon John wiped away his tears.

"I do" Braydon smiled at Ethan.

Braydon was now 26. he had grown up so much from when they adopted him as a 12 year old.

The chapel broke out into cheers as Ethan an Braydon went out and everyone followed to the reception.

John gave the father's speech.

"The first time we had you it was hectic we all thought we would die... but your dad saved us both. I don't know what I would've done with Sherlock with out you you made us better. then you met an amazing boy, Ethan, he was there long nights I remember that. I hope we were good enough Braydon... I really hope. I hope we taught you something you could give your kid. most of all I hope we showed you how to get though the hardest things in life... loving no matter what."

The room cheered and toasted to John's short speech. the best man then gave a speech then everyone danced.

Sherlock met Molly's fiancé. his name was Tom Sherlock hated him. but he didn't care Molly could date anyone he had John.

They danced and danced until a far to familiar song played... Staying Alive by the BeeGees.

The both of them laughed out loud and danced until the end of the night. Braydon and Ethan left for their flat and Sherlock and John for theirs.

Sherlock stared at the ceiling then turned to John.

"I'm sorry"


"You could do better than a machine but yet you chose me"

"Because you're not a machine you are Sherlock Holmes the most brilliant loving intelligent perfect clever did I say perfect?"

"Yes" Sherlock smiled

"Perfect wonderful amazing human I have ever met"

"Then you are my doctor"

"Doctor who"

"Doctor Holmes-Watson my doctor Holmes Watson"

"I love you Sherlock Holmes"

"I love you John Hamish Watson"

"Ruined it with Hamish"

Sherlock kissed John then whispered to him

"Don't leave me John promise"



"I love you"

"I love you"


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