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Compromises - A Johnlock Fanfiction by SaskiaDjarin
Compromises - A Johnlock Fanfictionby SaskiaDjarin
A Johnlock fanfiction based on BBC Sherlock in which Sherlock and John solve a case and discover they have feelings for each other. (COMPLETE)
The Kissing Analysis by xNomNomsx
The Kissing Analysisby xNomNomsx
"I need notes," Sherlock explained. "No." - As of January 30th, 2019, this fic has been revised, edited, and cleaned up to its absolute best for you...
To Make Life Worth Living  by JuniperLemon
To Make Life Worth Living by JuniperLemon
For single parent, John Watson, and his toddler, Hamish, life is absolute chaos and only gets worse when he meets an eccentric detective. Chapter Management
It's An Experiment by pointlesstests
It's An Experimentby Yeet
What happens when Sherlock starts to act a little bit different towards John? Can a sociopath actually show emotions?
Love:The Power of Life and Death- Johnlock by Tink_1507
Love:The Power of Life and Tink_1507
It has been 3 years since Sherlock Holmes fell to his 'death', suddenly he discovers things that he never noticed about his companion, John Watson who is now suffering w...
Fix Me. by hijackstolemyheart
Fix hijackstolemyheart
When Sherlock is left alone, without a case, and without John, he falls back to old habits, habits John is yet to find out about. Sherlock falls into a put of self loath...
Destined - A Teenlock/Johnlock by xMaaaayx
Destined - A Teenlock/Johnlockby May
Sherlock Holmes a seventeen years old teenager got expelled from school. The reason of that was because he burnt his dorm room. He went to a new school together with his...
Nicotine by scienceofdeductions
Nicotineby scienceofdeductions
A BBC Sherlock fanfiction. Set immediatley after The Sign of Three. Events in His Last Vow did not take place. Johnlock
Johnlock by lilimbsy
Johnlockby lilimbsy
John and Sherlock are finding new and creative ways to keep themselves entertained, and this leads to the discovery of new feelings. Will this unexpected development sen...
Goodbye sherlock by sherlocks_the_name
Goodbye sherlockby sherlocks_the_name
John Watson has had depression ever since he came back from afghan. When something pushes him too hard will he be saved or broken to pieces?
Sherlock texts. by moongazer12
Sherlock moongazer12
The crazy things that goes on in their texts. Johnlock, Mystrade, Mormor
You're Something Special (A Johnlock Fan Fiction) by princessgerard
You're Something Special (A Gee
Basically, what happened between the dynamic duo after Sherlock fell. Very fluffy. *I am not associated with the BBC 'Sherlock' television show, this is for my own leisu...
TeenLock by Speeds755
TeenLockby Speeds755
Sherlock is 17 year old attending a bordering school when he meets a boy named John. John is studying to become a doctor. But has went on a soccer scolership, so Sherloc...
Data Doesn't Lie (Johnlock) by Oliver_Shay
Data Doesn't Lie (Johnlock)by I regret everything
A mediocre JohnLock fanfic full of mixed feelings.
Johnlock One Shots. by sini333
Johnlock One Sini333
Just a collection of some johnlock oneshots.
Sherlock Sick Fics by missdeathfrisbee
Sherlock Sick Ficsby Viv
Just a bunch of Sherlock sick fics. They're my guiltiest pleasure and I love reading them, and found that I get a lot of (rather dark) delight out of writing them. I hop...
Unexpected  by PotatoesAre_Cool
Unexpected by PotatoesAre_Cool
"John" "John?" "John!" "John!" "John!?" "John!!" "Jawn!" "Jaawwwnn!!!" "What do you...
Johnlock Oneshots by signed_aj
Johnlock Oneshotsby signed.aj
John Watson x Sherlock Holmes 1: You Can Just Ask (Smut) There hasn't been a case in weeks and John and Sherlock haven't had sex in over a month 2: You're Enthralling, J...
Daily Johnlock by Obsessedminddumpster
Daily Johnlockby Leonard
Johnlock one shots! This story is maxed out in chapters and there is another story that continues the one shots. I began writing this in... what, 6th grade? God, I don't...
Euphoria (Johnlock) by Idonthavefriends221b
Euphoria (Johnlock)by #1 Trash
John Watson suffers from minor PTSD and depression. He goes about his life wondering when his next episode will be and if he'll be able to get through it. Sherlock Holme...