Chapter 4

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Author's note:: I don't know If anyone reads this frankly I don't care I'm mostly writing it for me but I you are reading thx!! Anyway this chapter is mostly Braydon's point of view hope you guys like it so far idk but u have ploy twists coming your way *unison gasp* but anyway idk if you want more smut or nah I'm not one to do away with it though sorry not sorry

Braydon gasped for air as his head was dunked under the water again until he started chocking in the water and lay half dead on the cold cement floor.
"Will you talk now?" They screamed and kicked him hard this time it was a girl before it was a guy but Braydon Hurt to much to talk or think. he would never tell anything to these people.

"Fine take the weasel and don't feed him for a week!!" she threw him against the wall

"You will never get to my dad!" he cried in pain

"Your right I need the other weasel to get to him" she smirked throwing him down and walking away pleased with herself "go in and talk till his eyes fall out" she sent in a cuffed mycroft with a bandana in his mouth gagging him.

"Braydon you need to tell them about Sherlock they will kill me I'm his brother please Braydon" men stood around him making sure he said every correct word but mycroft added something Braydon knew well and wa a key to survival. mycroft brushed his nose on his left sleeve.

Sherlock told the boy if he was ever in danger and someone was being forced to say things they would do haut that then h knew mycroft was only haveing to say those things to keep from getting killed weather the boy belived or not didn't matter.

Sherlock and mycroft as kids used this hen they lied to their parents or when they were older and dragged into each others business they would show if they knew or not an how to believe what they said.

They kid returned the nose gesture with a covering of his cough with his left arm. Mycroft rambled on how they would kill him but by now he zoned out since it was all fake. when Mycroft was done he heard a fake yelp from outside them he knew mycroft was let free.

"A man died because you won't tell" the woman screamed veins popping out face red and mascara Dow her face she was sad over something but he didn't quite know about what yet.

"Sucks doesn't it" is all he said before turning over and tried to sleep with the woman yelling every few second sometimes time with a mans intertwined....

He only wished John would make him tea while the family sat and watched the Telly together. he heard footsteps from the echoey corridor and turned to find another quite familiar a bit bruised looking in at him he jumped up but couldn't touch who it was...

Sorry this was short but I wanted a cliffhanger for the zero ppl that probably read this... Oh well hope u like it so far can't type for a while w/ finals but I will try

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