Chapter 24

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*•*•* last chapter for now about Braydon and his depression
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Ethan ran his fingers over Braydon's Scars. he looked deeply into his boyfriend's eyes and held him close
"I love"

"I love you too" Braydon sat up and kissed him again.

Braydon was now out of the hospital and he sat in an empty 221B cuz Sherlock and John were out. he held Ethan's hand close to him he never wanted to lose him.

"Don't do it again please"

"I won't but It's weird both my fathers did before they knew that they loved each other.... now I have someone to love someone to live for I have you"

"And I have you"

Braydon couldn't stop looking at this boy he wasn't lusting for him he was loving and living for him. he only wanted to be near him with him love him. he could only hope Ethan had the same love for him...

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----Sherlock and John--

John kissed Sherlock's lips and held him close.

Sherlock felt John's muscular build and was a bit jealous of him he always had been. John was perfection. everything about him from the moment he met him he was the case he wanted to solve and he needed to.

He did.

John cupped Sherlock's chin and kissed his perfect lips. Watson and Holmes forever is what he wanted.

He did.

Sherlock held john's perfect face in his arms humming a tune out loud to both of them. John started nodding to bed with sherlock's deep voice humming. Sherlock only wanted John to be happy.

He did.

John looked at how Sherlock had changed since he had met him. he hope and wanted Sherlock to feel safe and secure in his arms.

He did.

Sherlock watched at John peacefully fell asleep in his arms he watched as be clung to Sherlock as he drifted into sleep. Sherlock wanted John to fall asleep peacefully into his arms every night.

He did.

John and Sherlock wanted each other.

They did.

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