Chapter 15

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The thief carefully made his way to the arkenstone hoping the dragon smaug wouldn't wake. he held the gold ring between his fingers waiting to use it at any second he would need it.

The gold shifted and a large eye darted across the room landing on the hobbit. he held his breath and fumbled for his ring. He found It and hurriedly played it on his finger.
"Thief I feel your air" the voice boomed "I hear your breath and smell your scent but I am uncommon with it where did come from"

"Over hills and under hills oh smaug the excellent"

The dragon only chuckled and the hobbit took his ring off reveling himself (plot twist time!!!!yay!)

"You come for my egg!!" cried the large dragon "for my mate died long ago for this egg and no thief will take it!" he swung his tail around knocking down the barrel rider.

"No no no I have only come to see if the tales were as they said"

"And..." the dragon seemed impatient

"The fall utterly short o smaug the stupendous" he saw it the egg cradled in warm cloth hidden behind coins and coins.

"Do you think flattery will save you" the dragon moved close protecting the egg from any harm.

"N-no" he slipped the ring back on and ran to the hidden egg

"You coward show yourself one with many titles!"

He was about at the egg when the room was Engulfed into flames. he threw himself behind a stone for protection.

The egg had a peculiar name "John"

"Why John?" he asked

"Not your business thief"

"Isn't it?"


"It is"





"Ssssttttttoooopp" he cried

A tiny squeak came from the cracking egg. a puff of smoke and a little wing sound then a red dragon looking like its father flew near smaug.

"Jaaaaawwwwwn!" he cried

"Daaaaaaddddy" the dragon's mimicked the bigger dragon's tone

The bugler only smiled and told smaug he would be gone. the dragon gave him a precious chain shirt and a chest of money for his flattery to him... smaug didn't hate the hobbit he reminded him of jawn his baby dragon.


John sat him his chair looking at at a golden coin the dragon gave him.

Sherlock sat looking at a button that had fallen off the hobbit's coat

"So John what did you do while I was 'dead'"

He took another look at his coin and thought of the chain shirt and ring he gave to his alcoholic cousin for quitting drinking "not much.... You?".

Sherlock thought to his hobbit he met and held the button up high in the air. And thought of the John--jawn-- the little dragon.

"Not much here"

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