Chapter 14

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••••after a long night••••
*•*•caution smutty read with caution of you don't like that skip this chapter•*•*

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After long nights John likes to come home have a cup of tea and make sure Braydon is sleeping or doing homework. this is what he always did until one night Sherlock threw him off schedule.

He had had a long day at the clinic and was going to skip tea and go straight to bed but Sherlock stood in the door way wrapped in his detective coat.

He smirked at john's tiredness and led him to a spotless kitchen. food. actual food was set out and good food at that. A glass of wine at each spot.

John sat down and began to eat and drink his glass of wine and Sherlock eagerly filled it up again. the food was so good he could hardly believe Sherlock did it and cleaned the kitchen.

The food was gone and almost to two glasses of wine and Sherlock ready to fill another but before he could John laughed.

"If I could see it looks like your trying to get me drunk mr. Holmes"

"Maybe don't I deserve something for this" he lifted and eye brow and winked to John

John finished the last of his glass "you don't need me drunk to get that"

Sherlock held johns hand back to the bedroom. Sherlock's breath was hot on john's neck as he rambled on about something but John couldn't think anyway.

Sherlock's slim fingers undid what John wore and threw it to the ground. John cupped sherlocks face and fervently kissed him and was also returned with kisses.

Sherlock had read up the day before on how to make kisses more worth while. he had learn about tongue. he pushed through his partners lips and John became weak with love at what Sherlock did. he was about to groan but remembered their son in another room.

He felt sherlock's cold fingers running down his spine near his butt. John placed his hands on sherlocks abdomen and let Sherlock pull him down on the bed. John ran his kisses up and down the detective's neck.

Sherlock pulled his blogger closer and closer till no room was between them skin on skin. he felt sherlocks breath on him.

"I feel your breath" he murmured (sorry hobbit reference only 2 days till battle of five armies so like I had to put that....)

"Your only a thief a thief that stole my heart"

John placed his hand over sherlock's heart and felt it beat in his chest and smiled at him. he felt a rush when he was pulled back and sherlock kissed him all over and John loved every second of it.

He felt cold when Sherlock took breaths in between kisses but John lay helplessly surrendered to his detective. Sherlock placed his head on john's chest listening to his steady beat as they fell asleep.

John was glad Sherlock made his long night a little longer

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