Chapter 5

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Braydon tried to hold the hand that was in front of him he held his breath when he saw blood dripping from his nose and lips.

"Dad" Braydon whimpered
"Braydon" John reached his Han out to the boy but was pulled back before he could hold it.

The two men were sent from the room and John and Braydon were left alone.
"Braydon your dad and I are going to save you Sherlock he loves you want wants you home and I'm sorry we did this to you it it was" John trailed off
"Not your fault it's these wretches fault " and mine I started running and then they caught me I should have stayed with you two" he sobbed into what he could reach of his dad's hands

John was pulled away from they boy and dragged away to a cold room with two chairs. and sat down with a woman he vaguely recalled but she wore makeup and a mask that he could almost see through.

"Why" he tried to stand but the two guards held guns to his head when he did

"To see what this boy means to you both" she smirked and left with that "wait" she turned back " we won't hurt him for three weeks if Sherlock doesn't come he is dead" she laughed out Los to them.

John sat in their flat trying to figure out how to save their son and why what is he worth to them..... everything but now he could never show that fully.

Sherlock came through the door and slammed it shut angered about something.
"Sherlock they brought me to him and said we have three weeks or he is dead dead Sherlock" he sobbed John told his lover of why happens to him.

Sherlock held John close and kissed his forehead. he tightened his grip around his waist and kissed under his neck humming to him softly.

"I will fid that boy if it is the last thing I do and he will be safe forever with you John and hopefully me too'' sherlock and John laid in bed untwined in each other's arms. sherlock's head was on john's chest it was his favorite way to lay listing to the doctor's heart and steady breathing.

"Even I it's the last thing John" he held him tighter and John woke and stirred it was past midnight.

"Sherlock I love you" John whispered

"John I only love you" Sherlock kissed his blogger passionately on the lips and John kissed back. then finally the both drifted into a sleep

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