Chapter 21

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•*•*•Okay back to Braydon and being depressed
May be a trigger•*•*•

His arms it up it looked like not a humans arms. he only used one of the blades and tucked the others away.

He kept it with him always-always.

"Hey fag who you fucking now?" the bully Jim pushed him to the floor
(Btw I'm naming the other bullies beside Jim after my teachers yay!!!!)

Josh(after my math teacher) kicked his gut and pulled up his sleeves. they all laughed and scratched at the cuts to make them bleed.

James (after my s.s. teacher) lifted him and tided his arms down in the bath room stall.

Tim (my vocab and science teacher I have more but their all girls sooo) punched Braydon I the gut again and again until they got bored

"Bye fag have fun effing your boyfriend" they laughed

Braydon believed he deserved it he knew he did... He took the blade and ran it down his arm sobbing and sobbing

Someone came in and saw him

Braydon looked up with tears in his eyes red streaming down his arm

"Oh my god Braydon!!" Ethan cried jake following, jake was his cousin mycroft and Greg's son and Ethan his only friend who he wasn't related to.

"What happened I don't mean the curing the bruises are John and Sherlock abusive?!"

"No it was nothing" he stood up and walked over to the sink and cleaned himself up.

"No no your not Braydon the bruises aren't even the worst they said something and it was true wasn't it..." Ethan looked into his best friend's eyes

''Don't worry it's my problem don't make it yours" he tired from them to struggle through the rest of the day.

•••••after school•••••

"Braydon!!oh my god" John leaned down over the bloody body. he felt a heart beat but he was out cold

"Sherlock!!!!" John cried "he is cold!!!"

Sherlock ran into the bathroom finding Braydon bloody with cuts and a blade gripped in his finger tips....he wished he got rid of those but he bought them then found it with another bloody one he knew not why though and now three have been used.

Braydon was in intensive care he was awake but not wanting life and both of his dads didn't but wanted to know why.

"Dads" he cried to them

•*•*• so happy have great idea for this one yayayayayayayayayayyay love all fandoms out there no matter what one ur in I love know that!!!! <3 <3 <3comment how this story it plzzzzzz I love reading comments!

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