Chapter 10

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••••the school play••••

Braydon handed John a flyer for his school musical which he had a part in it.

"Your dad and I will come"

"Will uncle mycroft"

"He doesn't like theater'' Sherlock stepped into the room examining the flyer for The Music Man... sounded boring to Sherlock but he would go for his son.

"John I have a case see you late tonight"

John took Braydon to dinner then went to bed the play was in two days and Braydon had to wake up early rehearsals.

Sherlock came home with carri out. Braydon was still at school for the play.

"Mycroft you should come to the kid's play" John encouraged him

"Dear god John you know I hate theater to boring and ordinary"

"He is YOUR nephew"

"Ill take him on a murder than that sounds more fun doesn't it John"

"No no your not taking my kid on a murder. no"

"Okay then tell Sherlock to call the about the case"

It was the night of Braydon's play and Sherlock was late...

"Could we speed this up" Sherlock looked at his phone

"No it takes time"

Then pause it!! I have something!"

"What you and John--"

"God Donavan no a play"

"You hate plays"

"It's Braydon's and I'm not going to be late"


"Shut up!"

Sherlock hailed a cab to the middle school and sat next to John. the play seemed to only drag on until it was Braydon... Who had about 4 and a half lines to say.

Sherlock hardly made it to the end of the play with out shooting himself. John seemed to enjoy it.

Sherlock turned around and saw something he never thought he would ever see.


At a play something he hated he could be something else but he was at a middle school play.

John looked back and saw mycroft too.

The play finally ended with a horribly sung reprise to some random song Sherlock could care less to know...

"Mycroft what are you doing here?" Sherlock asked

"Seeing a play... I thought you were smart dear brother..."


"I may seem only cold but this son of yours is quite impressing even on me"

"I think that means you have some sort of feeling"

"No John-''

"Yes it is!" John laughed holding Sherlock's hand

"Fine but don't tell" he whined like a five year old and left just as Braydon saw him there

"Mycroft came"

"Yeah guess he is becoming human like your dad" John smiled

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