I'm kidnapped and I think I like it Ch. 26

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Hi! Yes I'm still in Los Angeles and yea I'm still writing from my iPod.


~Lili's POV~

I was bored in the waiting room. I started making myself some hot chocolate. Which by the way tasted disgusting. Joey came in with a face that looked as if he just saw a ghost. He sat down and just looked out into nowhere. Henrey and Ashley came back laughing. They went silent when they saw Joey.

Less than a minute later I got a text from Ashley saying that Joey caught her and Henrey butt naked literally in the janitors closet. I send her a text back saying that why couldn't they just keep it in there pants for once. she replied saying that it's not her fault they had hormones and felt like doing it in the janitors closet in a hospital. I replied saying that was gross and what did Joey say. She replied that Joey said he was disgusted that this didn't compare to what he did to lose me and that he was going to tell you. I replied saying he didn't say anything. She replied that they begged him not to say anything but that he just left. I didn't reply.

Bella still hadn't had the baby. Seriously when was he planning on coming out.

"I can't take it anymore!" Joey almost screamed. "You two are there making kissie faces at eachother while your so called best friend and girl friend is in the same room as you! What the hell is your problem!" he was so serious I started to laugh ok more than laugh I was cracking up there were tears in my eyes.

"And what the hell is your problem. I just told you your boyfriend and bestfriend are cheating on you and you just laugh. You seriously aren't normal." his voice was still serious but he wasn't screaming. I still couldn't control my laugh.

"The truth is they're not going out" Ashley pointed at me and Henrey "We are." she said pointing at herself and Henrey.

"huh?" Joey said.

Ashley looked at me as if she should go on. Right now I didn't care so I just shrugged. I was caught in the act so might as well let her go on.

"Lili uses Henrey to have guys stop following her and it usually works but for some reason you didn't leave her." Ashley explained.

"He's out!" We heard Sean saying as he came in.

"really?" me and Joey said at the same time.

"Yes!" Sean said "Come on Godparents come see him.

We followed Sean to the room. Bella was on the bed holding the baby. She looked up smiled and waved us over to her. We slowly made our way to the side of the bed.

"He's so small" I said touching the sleepy baby's head.

"What's his name?" Joey asked and put his hand on my shoulder. I shrugged it off.

"Jesse James sparks" Sean said.

"No." Bella said "it's just Jesse sparks."

"that's a good name" Joey said.

"Did anyone tell Ann already?" Bella asked. Maybe Joey I wanted to say.

"No" We all replied.

"Fine I'll tell her. Can someone pass me the phone?" Bella asked.

"Can you at least wait till I leave, please?" I asked well more begged.

"Fine, only cause I love you." she said.

"thanks" I said "Can I hold him?" I asked.

"yea." Bella said.

"Make sure you hold his head right." Sean added. He's going to be such a great dad. I hope I get lucky like Bella and find a guy like that.

"I will" I said. I set my phone on the table next to Bella.

He was sleeping and he was so warm I couldn't help and lean my head to him and kiss his cheek. It was so soft and pink. Holding Jesse made me feel warm inside. Joey was standing behind me and he put his arms around mine as if he was holding Jesse too. I didn't shrug him off because I was scared I might drop Jesse. I'm nit going to lie I like the way it felt. I was still trying to forget him. But it's impossible we're going to be true Godparents of Jesse. We're going to have to make a schedule.


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