I'm Kidnapped and I think I like it Ch. 5

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Bella's Pov

"Of course, I'm in Love with you, your in love with me, we sould start a happy family and have a lot of babies!" although it sounded more like I'm in love with youuuu, your in love with meeee, we should start a happy fam-a-leeeee and have lots of bay beesss. He even move his arms in a shakey way.

"Your such a dork you know." I said playfully and gave a friendly push.

"Why thank you." He added that cute smile of his.

"but seriously, do you really want kids?"

"Yes, why do you keep asking me."

I grabed the grocery bag and pulled the item and held it up.


I pulled out the blue with pink little square box and held it out so he could see it.

His face was priceless. His Smile was so big I swear it could have touch his ears.

"Bella are you playing games with me?"

I shook my head

"How long?"

I held up two fingers, "two months"

"Doesyour sister or AnnKnow?"

"No I wanted you to be the first to know"

"What are we waiting for lets go see if you are pregnant!" He was in the bathroom before he even said pregnant. I couldn't help but laugh. I really was lucky to have him.

I was lost in my thoughts I barely got to hear Sean say "Come on what are you waiting for we can't use my pee!"

We sat on the cold bathroom floor for 5 minutes not saying anything. We were just staring at the stick. Finally we got the answer.

Sean broke the silence. "We are going to need some diapers."

I couldn't help but laugh at the seriousness in his voice.

The next day I called my Grandma to ask if she had heard from my sister. Still no word from her.

I heard Sean come in and I turned and I gave him a warm smile.

"What did Ann say?"

"She hasn't heard from her yet"

"She's probably still sleeping. She's a teenager they sleep a lot."

"I guess."

"Bella please don't worry to much for the baby's sake. I'm sure where ever your sister is she's fine."

"ok I'll try, Do you have a shoot today?"

"Yea, but I cancel if you want."

"No no it's fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yea. I'll just go shopping or something."

"Ok. but don't go baby shopping, I want to be there with you when you do."

"I won't"

He walked over to me and kissed me "I'll see you later ok." He bent down touched and kissed my stomach and said"see you later baby"

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