I'm kidnapped and I think I like it Ch.8

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~Lili's Pov~

I couldn't believe how nice he was. He was actually funny. What stuck out the most was how nice he was when he talked to his mom. I didn't want to listen but I was sitting right there how could have not heard.

Then when it all seemed to good he turned into the ass again and sent me downstairs.

Once he left, I got the urge to pee. I walked over to the toilet. As I sat down and my jumper, or dress what ever it is, hit the ground I saw what had slipped out.

MY CELL PHONE!!! I was so happy to see it. I forgot i had it. When I finshed my business and put on my jumper again went over to my phone. I love my SideKick.

I know what your thinking. How come you have a phone if wicked Ann hates you. Well she didn't get me the phone. My sister's husband, Sean, gave it to me for my 17th birthday. He heard wicked Ann complain about how I'm always on the phone and all this crap, so he decided to just buy me a phone instead.

Wicked Ann was pissed when he gave it to me at dinner. Luckily Bella, my sister, convinced wicked Ann to let me keep that Sean and her would pay the bill. It took awhile but she finally gave in. She almost never says no to Bella, then there are always a couple of times she actually refueses and says no to her.

When I looked at the home screen. I swear it had 80 missed calls, my inbox was full, and I had 23 Voice mails. Guess who they mostly from. Yea Bella. I swear she worries to much sometimes. I still love that fact she actually cares enough to keep calling still it was a little annoying.

Of course the next thing I did was the most obvious. I called Bella. Just to mess with her I called private.

"Hello?" I heard her voice it was kinda of sad but happy in away.





"I'm at a friends and I forgot to call. You know I love calling you private."

"I was worried you know." I hated when she started to cry

"I'm really sorry it slipped my mind to call you." I lied but I was sorry that she was worried.

"At least you called now. I was about to file a missing person report."

"Wicked Ann would have let you?"

"NO but I'd still go agaisnt her."

"You would do that for me." I could feel some tears run down my cheeks into the corner of my mouth. I couldn't help but lick at it. I know it was salty but I didn't even think about it.

"You don't even know what I would do for you."

"I'm really sorry Bella." I did mean it.

"It's ok you called already. Where areyou at so I could go pick you up."

"I'm actually camping right now." I lied I hope she couldn't tell.

"Oh ok." She bought it.

"Yea. So no need to come for me I'm having a lot of fun." That wasn't all a lie I was having fun annoying Joey.

"I'm glad you are. When are you coming back."

"I'm not sure." This wasn't a lie. Joey was never going to get what he wanted from wicked Ann so I might stay here forever.

"What do you mean you don't know." Now she sounded like a mom.

"I graduated already so I don't need to worry about school and we really want to explore."

"Ok. Call me when you have time then. Since your probably going to be away for you birthday. Happy 18thBirthday."


"Also guess what." Now her voice was really happy.



"You finally found the lip gloss you wanted?"

"Yea, but that's not it."

"You found out who stold your newspaper?"

"That was actually just Sean trying to be funny by hiding it from me. Still that's not it."

"I don't know i give up."




"OMGOSH I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!" She is going to be a great Mom.


"Did you tell Sean?"

"Of course he was the first person to know."

"Did you tell wicked ann?" She didn't like that i called her that but didn't tell me anything because she knew I could call wicked ann worst.

"No I wanted you to know before her."

"AW. That's so nice of you."

"Come on your only going to be the God mother."


"yes, didn't I tell you as kids that you would be the God Mother of my first born."

"Oh Yea."

We continued talking for 30 minutes about how the baby might look. I realized that Joey would be home any minute so I had to let her go.

"I hate to let you go but we are about to leave on a hike."

"It's ok go have fun. Don't forget to call when you can or text."

"ok I'll text."

"You better."



"Can you promise me not to tell wicked Ann you heard from me."

There was a short pause and she finally answered. "Bella?"

"I promise." I knew she would keep it.


"No problem. I am going to tell Sean though he's been worried about you too. I promised he won't tell either."

"I'm fine with him knowing just not wicked Ann."

"Alright, well I don't want to hold you up. See you later."

"See you later." I clicked the red button to end the conversation. I couldn't help but think if Joey would let me out. Now that I knew I had a Godchild in the way I kind of wanted to leave, but a part of me wanted to stay for some reason I can't explain.

I was letting my imaganation take over me when I finally heard the car's engine in the garage.

As he walked in I couldn't help but stare how his muscles tensed up when he was holding all the bags he had brought.

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