I'm kidnapped and I think I like it Ch. 15

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I started by staring into his eyes then walking up to him. I put one arm around his waist and one on his face. As i looked at him I bite my lip seductively. I felt him tense up not knowing what was going on. i moved myhand from his face to the back of his neck. I stood on my tip toes pretending to go in for a kiss, but i moved my head to his ear and whispered, "whos the sucker now."

I was pulling away but now i was on his grip. and the jerk said, "you are babe." and put me over his shoulder and carried me upstairs to his room.


~Lili's Pov~

When we got upstair He walked over to a door, he opened it and walked inside. Once we were inside and he had closed the door he put me down.

It actually looked good. It surely wasn't what i expected a guy's room to be. The walls were white. The bed was under some circled mirros. It had a black frame and the covers were striped they went from grey, to white, to brown, to a lime green, then an orange, and last a darker grey. The two pillows were also striped the same only they had blue, there was one orange throw on pillow. On the side of the bed was a drawer. above that was a lamp on the wall. On another wall there was a door and next to the door a closet.

Joey left me there just staring. 2 minutes later he was back with the air matress above his head.

When he noticed me looking funny at him he said, "What?"

"Are you sure your not gay."

"Why do you keep saying that?"

"First you dress pretty good and now your room looks good too."

"My mom picked out the stuff sheesh."

"Oh ok, I forgot you are your mom's Pumpkin" I said mimicking the way his mom had said pumpkin.

"Really funny" he put the air matress down. "your bed's here" was he serious.

"ok." As long as i wasn't downstairs i guess it's ok.

"Let me go get your blankets i'll be right back." He wasn't kidding. He was back in a minute.

"Here." He gave me his shorts and shirt.

"Thank you."

"You can chane in the bathroom its throught that door." He pointed towards the door next to the closet.

After I changed and got out I noticed Joey wasn't on the bed. I looked down to find him in shirtless on the air matress with the blanket covering him from his waist down.

He caught me looking and put on his little Elvis smile. "like what you see huh."

"Yea I get the bed thanks your not such an ass after all." I knew what he had meant but I wasn't going to let him win. I walked over to the bed and got on.

It was really comfortable. Once I got under the sheets I knocked out.

When I woke up in the morning and got off the bed I noticed Joey wasn't on the air matress. He must be down stairs making breakfast.

I walked into the bathroom and man was I surprised.

"AAAHHH!!" I don't know why I scream but I didn't know what else to do. What wasI supposed just stare at him naked.




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