I'm Kidnapped and I think I like it Ch.3

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You get to meet two new characters.


~Bella's Pov~

There are many things my Grandma Annhates and one of those just happens to be my sister. The reason is because my mother, Amy, and my Father, Alec who is my grandmother's son, were going through a "seperation stage" in their marriage, they didn't seperate though. My mom turned to her childhood bestfriend Mario,R.I.P,for support. one thing led to another which eventually turned into my sister. My grandmother unlike my father never forgave my mother for what happened. She always treated my sister differently. My Father on the other hand treated her just like another daughter. We had the same punishments and love. Everything was always fair.

Even after my parents death. I'm surprised she let her stay in her house to live. I seriously would have thought she would have sent her to military school or something. I know the only reason she didn't is because she'd know I'd suffer and that's another thing my grandmother hates, having her only grandchild suffer.

"Grandma I know she's not your granddaughter, but she is my sister."

"The answer is NO I already told you."

"She's only 17." I was holding back tears now.

"Who cares ina week she'll be 18 and after a year she'll be 19."

"I guess there's no point in aruging with you"

"Your right there isn't"

I gave one more try. "Can't you have a bit of pity on her?"

"She is nothing to me why should I care for that...that thing." Her words were cold and harsh. Full of hatered.

"but"she cut me off before I could say something.

"No, no buts, I will forget about that girl and I expect you to do the same." She said it as a demand

"Yes Grandma." I lied, I could never forget my sister.

"By the way when are Sean and you going to make me some grandchildren." Her tone was nice now.

Sean is my Husband of two years.

"I don't know Grandma."

"Well make it soon, because I'm not getting any younger." Another demand.

"Alright Grandma."

"Bye Darling."

"Bye Grandma."

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